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President's Message - May 2018

Growth & Success: Helping Each Other

larry Stimson at computerWow!  It’s been almost two years since we became SoCal Media Pros and I’m proud to have had the opportunity to be there when it all started.

Soon it will be time for me to move on.  My tenure as President is nearing its end.  I want to thank my Board of Directors for all their support, particularly Art, Brian and John for stepping up and making the transition from MCA-I to SoCal Media Pros possible.

You may remember that our debut as SoCal Media Pros was at the All-Media BBQ in July of 2016.  Since then we’ve had many memorable events.  In February 2017, we kicked off our three-part series on “How To Make Your Script Come Alive.  We also learned about the latest Panasonic Cameras from Bernie Mitchell and Alicia Reed gave us the latest info on the new JVC Streaming Media Cameras.

So far this year we’ve learned about “Video Marketing Strategies” from Austin Armstrong, “5 Important Lighting Concepts” from John Coleman and Marcelo Lewin gave us an “Introduction to Virtual Realty”.

We have many more exciting meetings planned this year, including “How To Shoot, Edit and Publish a 360-Degree Video” which will be coming up on May 17th.  You won’t want to miss out on that one!

I’m calling on you to help us keep the ball rolling.  We need your help and financial support to continue to attract experts in cutting edge technologies.  If your membership has lapsed or you have been considering becoming a member, please join us.  Your fellow members will greatly appreciate it.

Larry Stimson, President
SoCal Media Pros