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President's Message, June 2017

Larry Stimson 100x100One thing that really makes me proud to be a SoCal Media Pros member is that we are always exploring new ways to increase our income.  And last month’s meeting was a good example of that.  As experienced pros we are sometimes reluctant to try new things— we stick with what we know works. Yet Anne Ganguzza showed us how we could profit from a new web technology called, “Zoom.”  She could (and does) charge us hundreds of dollars just to login to her presentation but Anne shared it all with our members for FREE! Thanks, Anne.  We certainly appreciate the time and energy you put into it. We'll be doing more interactive online meetings in the future but they'll never replace the importance of gathering face-to-face.

 You’ll have to agree, SoCal Media Pros is a good place to meet people who share a common interest in media.  I think most of our regular members can testify that they have gotten extra work from other members that they have met at our meetings. By becoming a dues-paying member of SoCal Media Pros you support our organization's ability to put on events that help your business as well as the whole community. 

 If you haven’t been to a meeting, make it a point to show up in person!.  It’s fun and we always have interesting guest.  Who knows, you might just find your next gig!.  I hope to see you there. This month, we will be joining with the After Effects Abusers Group in hosting Adobe Workflow Expert, Karl Soule.  Karl will show us how to become more productive using Adobe’s latest video tools.

Larry Stimson, President

SoCal Media Pros