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Keeping A Good Thing Going...

President's Message SPRING 2019

My first experience with SoCal MediaPros (then the LA/OC Chapter of MCA-I) was at an event called the 2011 MediaProCamp. I was intrigued because there was no formal agenda; instead, the participants all suggested topics about which they were either interested in learning or in which they had a certain amount of expertise they were willing to share with the other attendees. Everyone present voted on which of those topics were of interest to them as well. We split up and round-table discussions were then held on the top 3 vote-getting topics, after which we reconvened as a group & repeated the process. It was truly a different experience for me! I learned a lot and met some great people in those discussion groups. The collaborative power of MediaProCamp to share information and solve problems among working Media Professionals was extraordinary!

Now, as the president of SoCal MediaPros, I am excited to let you know that later this year we will once again be presenting another MediaProCamp. More accurately, we'll be co-presenting with the Orange County Small Business Development Center at the Digital Media Center in Santa Ana. Like every MediaProCamp, this will be an opportunity not only to network with a diverse group of people including creatives, technologists, executives and others but people who come from all aspects of media such as development, production, distribution, marketing, manufacturing— and not just games; print, video, audio, education, you name it. 

This will be our 9th MediaProCamp event and it promises to be our biggest and most successful yet. Every MediaProCamp is unique because so much of the content is determined and supplied by the media Professionals who attend. I find that exciting. While I can't guarantee exactly what you'll take away or who you'll connect with, I can guarantee you will benefit and enjoy the experience!  I hope you will make plans to be there.

For more details Stay tuned to the SoCal MediaPros website...


Joe Nagle, President SoCal Media Pros

New President's Welcome - June 2018

JoeNagleWelcome to SoCal MediaPros, the premier professional educational and networking group in the southern California entertainment & communications media scene.

My name is Joe Nagle, and I am honored to assume my role as SoCal MediaPros President. I would like to take this opportunity to thank outgoing President Larry Stimson for his stellar work in guiding our austere little band of media dudes & dudettes through our first 2 years of existence. We have had some amazing meet-ups during your term, including topics like Introduction to Virtual Reality; Video Marketing Strategies; Lighting Concepts; and Tech On Wheels, to name but a few. You've certainly left some big shoes for me to fill. (It's a good thing I have such big feet!)

And thanks also to board members Art Kirsch, John Coleman, Brian Page, Tom Smith and Anne Ganguzza for all the hard work that you have put in to building this important organization from the ground up. I hope you will continue to work with me to keep the momentum going!

If you're a new member or just visiting here, be sure to bookmark our site & check back often to see what new & interesting stuff we come up with, like, wouldn't it be COOL if we held an event where videographers, voice actors, producers, directors, screenwriters, studio owners, editors, etc., could sit down in an informal, roundtable format & share or gain knowledge (and maybe business cards) with their peers, wannabe peers & potential business collaborators, about whatever they want to share or gain knowledge in? Maybe include a continental breakfast & a light lunch. Heck, I'd pay $20 for that opportunity!

Meanwhile, Lights! Camera! Action!


Joe Nagle

President, SoCal Media Pros,

President's Message - May 2018

Growth & Success: Helping Each Other

larry Stimson at computerWow!  It’s been almost two years since we became SoCal Media Pros and I’m proud to have had the opportunity to be there when it all started.

Soon it will be time for me to move on.  My tenure as President is nearing its end.  I want to thank my Board of Directors for all their support, particularly Art, Brian and John for stepping up and making the transition from MCA-I to SoCal Media Pros possible.

You may remember that our debut as SoCal Media Pros was at the All-Media BBQ in July of 2016.  Since then we’ve had many memorable events.  In February 2017, we kicked off our three-part series on “How To Make Your Script Come Alive.  We also learned about the latest Panasonic Cameras from Bernie Mitchell and Alicia Reed gave us the latest info on the new JVC Streaming Media Cameras.

So far this year we’ve learned about “Video Marketing Strategies” from Austin Armstrong, “5 Important Lighting Concepts” from John Coleman and Marcelo Lewin gave us an “Introduction to Virtual Realty”.

We have many more exciting meetings planned this year, including “How To Shoot, Edit and Publish a 360-Degree Video” which will be coming up on May 17th.  You won’t want to miss out on that one!

I’m calling on you to help us keep the ball rolling.  We need your help and financial support to continue to attract experts in cutting edge technologies.  If your membership has lapsed or you have been considering becoming a member, please join us.  Your fellow members will greatly appreciate it.

Larry Stimson, President
SoCal Media Pros

President's Message January 2018


larry Stimson at computerBy almost all accounts, 2018 should be a good year for all businesses, including Media.  Distribution giants like Netflix and Amazon are starving for original content.  I expect many of our members will benefit from this new demand.

We’re going to kick off the new year with an exciting presentation from Blackmagic Design.  We’ll see some really cool cameras and a demonstration of their revolutionary new software, DaVinci Resolve.  Best of all, this meeting is Free!  So come join us on Wenesday, January 31 from 11 am to 3 pm.  It will be well worth your time.

And, there is more to come!  In February, we’ll learn all about microphones.  In March, we’ll have a lively discussion about the best and worst endings for films and TV stories. It will run the gamut from “That was great!” to “Is that it?!”  Then in April, we’ll learn more about cameras and lighting.

We need your help.  In order to attract experts in cutting edge technologies to our meetings, we need the financial support of our members.  If your membership has lapsed or you have been considering becoming a member, please join us.  Your fellow members will greatly appreciate it.

Larry Stimson

President, SoCal Media Pros

President's Message, June 2017

Larry Stimson 100x100One thing that really makes me proud to be a SoCal Media Pros member is that we are always exploring new ways to increase our income.  And last month’s meeting was a good example of that.  As experienced pros we are sometimes reluctant to try new things— we stick with what we know works. Yet Anne Ganguzza showed us how we could profit from a new web technology called, “Zoom.”  She could (and does) charge us hundreds of dollars just to login to her presentation but Anne shared it all with our members for FREE! Thanks, Anne.  We certainly appreciate the time and energy you put into it. We'll be doing more interactive online meetings in the future but they'll never replace the importance of gathering face-to-face.

 You’ll have to agree, SoCal Media Pros is a good place to meet people who share a common interest in media.  I think most of our regular members can testify that they have gotten extra work from other members that they have met at our meetings. By becoming a dues-paying member of SoCal Media Pros you support our organization's ability to put on events that help your business as well as the whole community. 

 If you haven’t been to a meeting, make it a point to show up in person!.  It’s fun and we always have interesting guest.  Who knows, you might just find your next gig!.  I hope to see you there. This month, we will be joining with the After Effects Abusers Group in hosting Adobe Workflow Expert, Karl Soule.  Karl will show us how to become more productive using Adobe’s latest video tools.

Larry Stimson, President

SoCal Media Pros

President's Message for March 2017

Larry Stimson 100x100“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should” – so says Tim Keenan regarding removing “breaths” from your audio recording. Those who attended learned this and a lot more at last month’s SoCal Media Pros meeting titled, “Audio Software Shootout.” Tim added that many people have the urge to “sanitize” their audio recordings and pull out every single breath. The problem with this is that it makes the recording “sound like a robot.”

I never cease to learn something at our SoCal Media Pros Monthly Meeting...

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WHAT FUN! President's Message - February 2017

Panel of Experts Feb 2017Our February 1 meeting (really a belated January meeting) was held in front of a police station next to an airliner fuselage. One of our cameras was set up in front of the cockpit of a 727.  Hospital rooms could be found next to the police station and the bathrooms were next to the morgue.  All these sets emerged from the imagination of our host, Roland Canamar.  Roland calls his studio the “Silver Dream Factory.”  What fun!  As the guests walk through this maze of sets their imaginations filled with ideas for their next movie.

(Photo: Larry Stimson (L) Prepares for the Panel discussion with (left to right) Gaffer Craig Burns, DP Roland Canamar and Sound Engineeer Rudy Garcia.)

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President's Message Jan 1, 2017

Looking Forward

First, a quick look backward—but not very far—just to December's All Media Holiday Party.  My wife, Maureen, and I thoroughly enjoyed the All-Media Holiday Party last month.  Good food, good company and entertaining stories 

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President's Message: Looking Ahead

We've come a long way but we got a lot of great programs ahead!

“Challenging, interesting, stressful, can be lucrative and maybe, just maybe a little bit fun” is how Liz Ervin described what it’s like to be a location scout at last October’s meeting.  I was glued to my seat as Liz told us how she got into the business of finding locations for commercials, reality TV and major motion pictures.  “Every client is different, every crew is different, every location and every day is different,” is what keeps her inspired, Liz added.  I was fascinated to hear about the requests for locales by her clients and how she managed to find them. 

Maybe you’re familiar of the movie titled, “Adventures in Babysitting.”  Well, in one of my favorite anecdotes was the one where Liz is on location at 5:30 A.M. waiting for the caterer to arrive. The crew was getting antsy and she had promised them all a hot breakfast before the shoot.  Liz calls to find out what’s keeping the caterer and is told he’s been arrested and is now in jail.  But Liz had a back up plan.  Or so she thought.  She calls her PA and tells him where to go and what to pick up for breakfast whereupon he sheepishly confesses that he has lost the petty cash.  What to do? Liz had to quickly figure out how to feed the large, hungry crew - and all before 6 a.m. 

You can learn more about Liz and her enterprise by visiting Pacific Location Search at  Read the meeting review on our home page and watch the video of her talk, filmed by RoundTable.Media  Now for a look ahead...

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President's Message: A Great Beginning

One of the things I liked best about September’s “Great Scene Analysis” meeting was how everyone participated.  Of course, we all have our own unique perspectives about movies and TV shows.  Some of us enjoy the story, others appreciate the acting and still others appreciate the technical aspects of filmmaking such as sound, lighting and camera. I particularly enjoyed the trivia or insights people shared about their clips.  Of course, not all my questions were answered.  For example, in Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest,” how was it that a biplane could not have avoided crashing into a gasoline tanker in the middle of nowhere? If you weren't there you missed a fun evening with fellow professionals.

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47th MCA-I Media Festival-Deadline Dec15!

The Media Festival deadline was extended to Dec 15!  But time is running out! Enter NOW! It's great for professionals because it is not judged competitively. In other words, If every entry deserves a GOLD there's no reason they will not all be awarded the higest level. 

Time is short -- ENTER NOW! Congratulations to the 46th Golden, Silver, and Bronze Winners. Trophy and certificates have been delivered - did you get one? Post a selfie with your award to the MCA-I Facebook Group!

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MCAI-OC Now Sponsors Joomla Meetup Group

One of the most important forms of communication for media professionals is a good website. That's why when the Orange County Joomla Meetup Group went up for grabs, MCA-i member (and a Joomla developer) Grace McKay quickly approached the LA/OC Chapter of MCA-i to help save it. The meetup group, dormant for over a year, has over 150 interested members. The group covers SEO, CMS, online marketing, web design, tech and internet.

"In the past, professional developers and amateur users interested in Joomla found common ground and it looks like that will happen again," said McKay. Joomla is one of the most popular free, open-source web tools around—over 50 million downloads and counting. They've scheduled their first new meetup as a breakfast meeing for Wednesday September 30 at Denny's in Tustin just off RedHill. "It will be informal but a great opportunity to get eveyone back involved --IF they BRING their Laptop," chided Grace.

If you are interested in web design or building a Joomla website be sure to join the meetup group

President's Message

There's A LOT GOING ON at your LA/OC Chapter of MCA-i!
We are completing our 2014-2015 season with really exciting programs. We hope you will be part of it all! Just a few weeks ago we had an over capacity crowd to see Greg Irwin, a highly respected Hollywood camera operator with credits including the new Steve Jobs movie,  'Furious 7', 'Mordecai', 'Interstellar', 'American Hustle', the 'Hangover III', and more ...

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Chapter Elections in MAY! Volunteer Now!

You have great ideas and want to make a difference! You like helping and being a leader! So why haven't you joined the MCA-i's LA/OC Chapter Board of Directors? Every May we elect (or Re-elect) the Officers and Board who run our all-volunteer organization. We are a national 501c3 charity run for the benefit of our members and to serve both our professional media community and the community at large. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Fresh faces and new ideas are always welcome. It's your turn to step up and contribute! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to throw your hat in the ring!

MCA-i International Announces New Officers and Board Members

With the new year comes new management of our self-directed non-profit run entirely by members from the various chapters around the counry. Taking national office are three members of the LA/OC Chapter. They include Art Kirsch, Brian Page and John Coleman. The trio joins others elected by the national membership to serve for the 2015 year, guiding the all-volunteer-run organization.

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MCA-I Job Board NEW!

To complement MCA-I's famous Find-a-Pro listings, our organization has created a JOB BOARD! This new service to Members is just beginning to be populated. After logging in, members may get a job or add a job for Free in any of 16 categories. The Job Board will be for both freelance contract and permanent Staff positions. You'll find it easily under the pulldown tab Find Crew/Jobs on the front page navigation bar--or CLICK HERE

If you would like to Add a Job please click this link For the immediate future, regular job postings are free to members and non-members. Premium listings are at a nominal charge for priority sorting. Postings longer than 30 days are also at a nominal charge for non-members.

Remember that as a member of MCA-I you also have access to the ProductionHUB Job Board by clicking on Media Industry Resources under the News/Resources Tab on the nav bar.

President's Farewell Message: We Had A Great Year!

Walter Davis Finishes Term. 2013-2014 MCA-I Los Angeles/Orange County President’s Farewell Message

One of the greatest honors I will always have to share with others is my term as President of MCA-I Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter. It has really been a good year for me.

We have seen the development of a robust social media presence on Facebook, Blogger, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and Meetup. This provides an opportunity for members to market themselves and the organization for years to come. I'm proud to say this is but one of many advancements our organization has accomplished this year.

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VO Peeps & MCAI Scholarship Fund Update

The LA/OC chapter of Media Communications Association-international along with The VO Peeps, is getting ready to award two more of their Career Education Scholarships this month. Entries closed September 1 and are being evaluated by a blue ribbon panel. The scholarship awards are for Full VIP registrations for Voice Over Virtual 2013. It's a bustling three-day online voice over conference for the voice community held September 18-20.

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