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MCAI-VO Peeps Scholarship Fund Gives More Grants in 4Q 2013!

Thanks to the generosity of professionals in the media industry, our joint scholarship fund with the VO Peeps raised close to $1,000 in October. More importantly the non-profit charity fund administered by our MCA-I chapter was able to make a number of grants to deserving VO professionals.

 "Thanks to Voice-Over Virtual, the fabulous all on-line conference, we were able to offer scholarships to three deserving voice professionals who needed assistance," said VO Peeps founder and president, Anne Ganguzza. Voice actor Dawn McKinley was top winner and voice actors Tina Wilson and Amy Warner were runners up in the Voice Over Virtual conference scholarship program – each winning a free tuition to the giant online event September 18-20, 2013, produced by VoiceOverXtra.

Details about the scholarship and winners are available at the VO Peeps website.

"Not only that but were also able to award some very sought-after coaching packs from two of the industry's top leaders, Joe Cipriano and Celia Siegel," Ganguzza continued.

Cipriano, a top talent and author of the new book, "Living On Air—Adventures in Broadcasting," is one of the industry's most recognizable voices and the signature voice of both Fox Television Network comedies and CBS Network comedies.

Siegel donated a $400 Business Coaching package from Celia Siegel Management. Siegel has worked as a top voice talent agent for over 15 years and added brand development & marketing, talent management and cousulting as well as life coaching to her amazing repertoire.

To learn more about the MCA-I/VO Peeps Educational Scholarship Fund, make a donation of cash or in-kind product and assist deserving professionals in need visit

Since its inception the MCA-I VO Peeps Education Scholarship Fund has awarded close to $12,000 to professional VO artists in need.