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Small Business Accounting Basics - What you NEED to Know!

Webinar Presented by VO Peeps  - Sponsored by MCA-i

Wednesday June 26, 6 pm PST 8 pm CST 9 pm EST

Join Host Anne Ganguzza and presenter Denise Chamberlain for this special webinar aimed at media professionals! Whether you own a company or freelance you need to operate like a business! This webinar is the first in a series to help you be successful in Show Business!

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Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset it takes to move your business forward?   How about the basic accounting fundamentals needed to handle the abundant success coming your way? Key components of running a successful business include a financial system that facilitates organization, immediate access to financial information, and ease of accounting flow.   In Part 1 of the “Small Business Accounting Basics” webinar, you’ll learn the “nuts and bolts” of accounting, in layperson terms. You’ll be guided through the basics of:
Income and expense accounts
Liabilities and assets
Accounts Receivables
Accounts Payable
In subsequent webinars, we'll take you step-by-step through a Quickbooks set-up that will get you started and applies to any business.  We hope you'll join us on June 26th for Part 1 of “Small Business Accounting Basics” with Denise Chamberlain.

THIS Wednesday June 26, 6 pm PST 8 pm CST 9 pm EST

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Presenter: Denise Chamblerlain Prior to her career in voiceacting and event production,Denise Chamberlain started and successfully maintained 4 other businesses. She’s been CEO, COO, CFO, and CCABW (Chief Cook And Bottle-Washer), all rolled into one. Her years of experience in “real-life” business challenges have taught her important lessons about what works in business, and unexpectedly, about who she is and how she shapes her life.

Although each business provided a different service, she learned that the basic principles of running a successful business remained the same.
It requires:

• The Imagination. “If you can dream it, you can do it”.
• The Plan. “Plan the work; work the plan”
• The Prep. “Wax on; Wax off”
• The Work. “Mind your OWN Business”
• The Rewards. “Success is the by-product”.

The Imagination and The Plan are important for creating and developing your business. The Prep is where Accounting Basics comes in.

Host: Anne Ganguzza
 Anne Ganguzza is the President and Founder of VOPeeps, and has an undeniable passion for voiceover and sharing her knowledge with others.  This led her to a full time career in VO and inspired her to form a local meetup group for voice over artists originally known as the Orange County VO Peeps.  The group gained in popularity quickly, and with it’s online presence, attracted attention from others around the globe.  Realizing the tremendous advantages of sharing and disseminating information and resources globally, and effectively “breaking down” the traditional barriers of local meetup groups,  the organization began extending its memberships to the online community.  They have since dropped the “locale” portion of their moniker, and  are now known simply as  - VO Peeps.

For more information, please visit Anne on her website at or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   In addition to her unwavering and passionate commitment to her Peeps at,  you can also find her at:,, and