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Free Internet Marketing Tip

By Anne Ganguzza, Courtesy of 
(Anne is the founder of VO Peeps and serves on the Board of Directors for the LA/OC Chapter of MCA-i. While this article was aimed at VO artists, it contains good advice for all media professionals who need to market their services—Editor)

There are a lot of tips and tricks we can apply to our Internet marketing to increase our effectiveness, but there is one tried and true method that has proven to be effective on many different levels, and is something I have been telling my students for years:  Content is key.  

 Yep, it's really ALL about the content!

This may not be anything new to you, and you may have heard this many times before, but the advice is worth heeding.  Why?  It's statistically proven to lead to success!  Let's explore this in more detail, shall we?    

 Some facts:

  • Changing your content frequently (this includes Social Media!) or blogging on your website can result in a 55% increase of visitors to your site.
  • Search Engines LOVE fresh, relevant content, and will index your pages to your SEO benefit
  • People (and your potential clients) love fresh, engaging content that is relevant to what they are searching for - AND they like to SHARE!
  • Your content can be easily populated with organic search terms related to your marketing niche
  • Companies that blog can generate more than 97% more inbound links than those who don't blog regularly!  This is just one more key factor to help your SEO.
  • Companies that blog typically have twice as many Twitter followers than those who do not.

Now, this doesn't mean that you have to run right out and start your own blog to be effective at marketing your VO business.  Of course, every little bit helps.  But your online content shows the world who you are, what you do, and what you offer.  

 And people need to know this in order to hire you!

 So make sure you're out there creating and sharing valuable content - Become the "expert" at your craft and watch your business grow and succeed by leaps and bounds!

 If you're interested in learning more, as well as other tips to help you grow your business, contact Anne Ganguzza directly. While her Irvine class is specifically designed for VO Artists, anyone with a website can benefit! Web Sites for VO Artists - What you need to know.  Regardless of whether you, or someone else, creates your website, you won't want to miss this all day intensive class!  It covers:

  • Successful Online Strategies for your VO Business
  • Web Site Essentials
  • Effective Web Site Design for VO Artists
  • Search Engine Optimization for Voice Talent

Lecture Notes and Worksheets will be provided during the class.  

For more details and to register, please visit

NOTE: Contact Anne to find out when her next Internet Marketing Class is scheduled, and for any questions or additional information. Feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 949-630-3208. Hope to see you in class!