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Kevin Smith Engages Fans at 'Live From Behind' Event

By Jessica Gardner
February 3, 2012 From Backstage:

Director/writer/podcaster Kevin Smith spoke live at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto on Thursday. However, "Silent Bob" fans could view the three-hour event from 300 movie theaters across North America.'

During "Kevin Smith: Live From Behind," Smith and his long-time friend and frequent co-star Jason "Jay" Mewes recorded their popular podcast "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old." The duo then took questions from their audience in Toronto as well as from Twitter using hashtag #livefrombehind.

Smith is known for openly sharing his thoughts on his work and the industry with his fans in his podcasts and interviews. Smith's trademark blue humor peppered the conversation, but fan questions kept the night from being entirely raunchy.

Photo by Getty Images - Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes

Smith talked about his opinion on the SOPA/PIPA debate; his production company, Smodcast Pictures; and how he plans to help filmmakers distribute unreleased projects.

Smith also discussed his past, present, and future projects including "Clerks," "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," "Zack and Miri Make a Porno," "Reaper," "Red State," "Hit Somebody," and "Jay and Silent Bob's Totally Groovy Cartoon Movie."

 Here are some highlights from the evening.

 On the SOPA/PIPA debate:

"As a guy who creates content, I should be like, 'I believe in stopping piracy,' but I don't. I don't think piracy is all that bad. If piracy leads to buying our shit down the road then I'm for it. You're talking about a generation who is used to getting shit for free. You've got to play the ball where it lays. Let's just accept the fact that the genie's out of the bottle. Now they watch and if they like it, they buy it. It's just the world we're living in now. My thought is: adapt to what the audience wants."

On his theory of film marketing and creating content:

"I used to believe that you make a movie, people come see it, and that's it. It felt like a weird one-sided equation to me…Now, I believe more in being there in person. That makes people want to come out of their houses. You've got to live in the nooks and crannies of the audience's lives. You can't anymore say, 'Put your shit down and come to us.' There's too many different entertainment options. Me, I've been trying to find ways to go into the free time that an audience has. That's why I like to create audio content. You can take that with you anywhere."

On "Hit Somebody," which he claims will be his last film:

"'Hit Somebody' is the hockey movie I'm writing which will be my last movie. It's about taking one shot. It follows a character from 1950 to 1980…It's a great big valentine to Canada and to the land that created the game, kind of like 'Field of Dreams' for hockey. That's what I went for. Hopefully we'll start filming in June or July."