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Dreams Really Do Come True

True-Story and Interview

Meet new MCA-I member, Marla Stone, an actress living her dream. But it wasn't always that way.  Marla was an actress all throughout her entire childhood. She was in every play in Elementary, Junior High and High School. Marla took all 21 units of Theater Arts required for a BA in her first year of college. “I was in all the plays throughout that first year of college.   I dropped out of school and moved to Hollywood in the early 80’s with no family or financial support”.

After a few B films and some B experiences Marla decided to go back to school, and received a BA in Psychology, and a Master’s in Social Work. There went her dreams of being a “Movie Star”.

After 17 years of being a Social Worker, and in her own private practice for 10 years, counseling everyone from housewives in Orange County to the Military Personnel and their families from Camp Pendleton, she decided to start acting again.

Family and friends were surprised to say the least. “I was surprised also, since I believed I had washed that thought right out of my head!” Marla convinced herself she had squelched any dreams of acting with doing Social Work. “I was surprised that as soon as I decided to retire from Social Work the first thing I did was sign up with, and start submitting for parts”. She won a short film within a couple of weeks of submitting to Actors Access. She also became a member of MCA-i and enjoys the monthly workshops, connections and networking.

So far, Marla has done a short film, won two small parts in two feature films, and won a starring role in "The Dixie Swim Club" at the Newport Center Theater opening March 25th, 2011. To top it off, this all has happened in a matter of 4 months time!

So Dreams Really Do Come True, even if a little delayed.

Go to and search for Marla Stone for more information. Also go to for tickets to The Dixie Swim Club starring Marla Stone.

To contact Marla go to and search under Marla Stone.