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My Most Memorable Business Gift

At the January ’11 meeting of the LA/OC Chapter, MCAI member Tim Keenan offered a “Marketing Minute.”  Instituted only last year, the purpose  of the short feature is to share ideas that help media professionals market our business—whether freelancer or company. Tim brought an item he called his most memorable business gift

As CEO and Chief Engineer of Creative Media Recording in Cypress, Tim’s been in the business of VO recording, audio editing and sweetening soundtracks for over 25 years. Tim’s studio hires many talented performers for his client’s voice needs. As you can imagine, he’s seen all the thank-you and Christmas gifts there are. Until this one arrived from a voice talent. It was so different and so effective he had to share it with everybody. Then he pulled out a colorful rubber ball! It was somewhere between the size of a beach ball and a softball. On it was imprinted a simple message from performer Doug Turkel: I Had A Ball!

As he tossed it into the audience, Tim explained that this gift was memorable for a number of reasons; It was fun to play with so it got used by almost every client who came in; it wasn’t perishable and would last a long time; and it had the performer’s name and contact information clearly emblazoned on it.  All in all, it was a great marketing piece for the announcer—as the audience agreed while bouncing the ball back and forth across the aisle.

If you are interested in sending someone this memorable marketing item you can order online at …and No, we don’t get a commission!

Thanks Tim for sharing—and congrats to Doug Turkel for creatively marketing his business!