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Marketing Tips for VO Artists (and everyone else) Part 1

The president and founder of OC VO Peeps. voice talent and coach, Anne Ganguzza, has discovered the truth in the old saw that Getting The Job Is Often More Work Than Doing The Job. She offers some important marketing ideas that can work for anyone in the media industry.

By Anne Ganguzza

For the past few years, I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of taking part in an exciting
and wonderful career as a Voice Talent. Because I have such a passion for voice acting, it
naturally drives me to want to succeed and see my business flourish. Most people, when I tell
them what I do for a living, simply shake their heads in amazement and exclaim how cool it
must be to get paid “just for using my voice”. I smile, shake my head vehemently, and agree.
But, as all of us in the industry know, the fun part of using your voice is probably only 20% of
the job! The rest of it is comprised of everything else that is required to operate and maintain
a successful business. A large part of that is knowing how to market yourself to generate
new business, as well as having an effective plan to nurture and sustain existing business

Along my journey, I have experienced many trials and tribulations, and have been truly blessed
to have learned a few lessons along the way. I certainly do not claim to be a marketing expert
to any degree, but I’d love to share some marketing tips that were effective for my business.
I hope that they can, in some way, help you too, and allow you to truly flourish in this great

VO Marketing Tips - Part 1 (The Basics)

Basic tips that I have found to be really helpful in expanding my business include:

Get Your Demo Professionally Produced and Keep it Fresh! This is your most important
marketing tool and vital to your success as a voice over artist. If you are serious at all about
your VO business, this should be your number one goal. As you grow as an artist and as a
business, it will be necessary to keep your demos current and even add more to your current
portfolio. Go to a professional studio and make it a priority to invest in your demo - it is your
calling card!

Write a Great Bio A foundation to marketing yourself - Even if you are just starting out in
the business, you will need to provide people with information about who you are and your
relevant experience. For many of us, this can be an immensely difficult task! Once your bio is
developed, however, it can be used many times over - as part of your business introduction
for new clients, a cover letter for auditions, Bid Response letters, as well as a section on your

Talk about what you do All the time - to everyone! You never know who may be in need of
your services. Even if they may not be in need of your services right now, they just might be
later on down the road, or they may know someone who is. Don’t be shy! People are always
seem to be fascinated with the concept of voice overs as a business - and it’s a great ice
breaker and conversation piece at parties!

Figure out your “Brand” and Develop a Strategy This is a vital step in creating and
establishing your identity as a voice over artist. Exactly “who” are you and what is your
specialty? Your brand identity will be repeatedly communicated, in multiple ways with frequency
and consistency throughout the life span of your business. Famous for his innovative branding,
Doug Turkell, the “Unnoucer” has flourished by creating and marketing his unique brand of
voice overs. Think carefully about this one - changing your brand once established can be a bit
difficult, though not impossible!

Take classes and workshops in your profession It will allow you to network with your peers
and even better, establish a relationship with an industry “expert”, who can provide you with
even more valuable business leads. Taking classes will not only add educational/ training
credits to your resume, but will also allow you to establish and assess your “competition”, and
strengthen your vision for possible “niche” markets which may not be covered by your peer

Make yourself Accountable Write down your business goals and establish a system
of accountability for your business. This will help you develop a clear picture of how you
can better market yourself. Spend an allotted time each day working on new contacts -
this includes cold calling! Make it a goal to meet someone new in the business everyday!

It’s all about Customer Service! Go above and beyond for your clients. Give more than
they expect - and you will find that they will come back again and again. When I book a job,
I usually give at least two finished takes for the client to choose from, even if they are not
requested. Since I usually record more than two takes for each spot anyway, it doesn’t add a lot
of time to the job on my end, and my clients really appreciate it!

Take care of your existing customers! The word “Marketing” is often thought to describe
advertising activities specific to gaining new business, but keep in mind that enriching and
nurturing the relationship of your existing customers can be critical to your business survival.
Contact them periodically and let them know you are available for them and keep them abreast
of any new projects. Many times during a new business “low”, my repeat clients have come
through with flying colors and kept my business booming!

Get Testimonials and Publish them! When you complete a job, especially when you know
the client loved your work, always ask for a testimonial, as well as a copy of the finished product
for your demo reel. You can simplify this process by creating a generic “Thank You” template or
form email that includes your request so you don’t forget. You’d surprised at how many clients
are more than willing to do this for you if you just ask! Let your clients do the marketing for you!

In Part 2 of this series, I will discuss marketing options for building and marketing your VO
business online.

I hope these tips have been helpful and I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions!
Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit my website at for more information.  

--Anne Ganguzza, Voice Talent

This article was originally published on the blog for OC VO Peeps and is reprinted here with permission.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anne Ganguzza has recorded for a long list of clients including ad agencies, production companies, corporations and government entities. She is the founder and doyenne of the networking and talent support group, OC VO Peeps. Currently, in between recording sessions Anne travels the Western States as Voice Coach and Producer for Such A Voice a nationally known training organization.  Anne Ganguzza is represented by the DeSanti Talent Agency  You can audition samples of her work at: or reach her directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 949.630.3208.