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MCAI's First 3 'Marketing Minutes'

 Back in May, as part of our mission to ‘Help Each Other In Business,’ MCAI members created the MCAI Marketing Minute, adding it to our monthly meeting. Here are the first three. (There will be more) Enjoy these simple but valuable tips...and let us know if you've got a 'Marketing Minute' to share!

In May 2010 Dennis Backer, CEO of SEOExcell,  gave Three Simple Rules to marketing yourself and your business in the age of social media:

  1. You must Brand yourself at a minimum on both Facebook and LinkedIn!
  2. Make your business accounts different from your personal accounts
  3. List all your professional organizations and affiliations along with all your social media links on:
    • All email
    • All your social media accounts
    • Your business website
    • Every directory you sign up for

Grace McKay of Electric Pictures  presented this marketing concept in July 2010:

Productize Your Service. Think of it like this. People need to know what they are buying. If your service is to build websites (or videos,) how much does it cost? It varies, you say, based on what the website (video) IS. But what if you say, Our websites are BASIC, which is, 5 to 8 pages of information, and it costs $795. If you would like a DELUXE site, that includes up to 20 pages, and costs $1395. You can think of a thousand variations, but the simple idea is this: You have defined several variations that are known quantities, and have specified a fixed price. This will give the prospect a definite idea of the value of the service you are providing. You can expand and negotiate from there, until both you and the client are satisfied with the price/value equation.

At our August ’10 meeting VO artist, Brian Page, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  offered this marketing tip:

Keep in touch with your old, inactive clients! Especially in this economy, you can’t afford to ignore any possible source of income. Even if they’ve been inactive for quite a while,  you’ve got an advantage with former clients--they already know you and what you can do! Naturally that can cut both ways! But former clients are a proven source of income. So, the best advice is DON’T LOSE TOUCH IN THE FIRST PLACE.

If you have a simple but useful marketing precept for media professionals, let us know and you can deliver the MCAI Marketing Minute at the next monthly meeting!