A Self-Publishing Tip

I really got a lot out of MCAI's MediaProCamp. I also enjoyed leading the roundtable discussion on self-publishing my book. It seems we all have a book in us waiting to get out! Since there was so much interest in this I wanted to follow up with this tip...

Writing your book is just the beginning of the process. Publishing is perhaps the hardest step. As you know if you saw me signing books at MediaProCamp II, I am distributing my book, Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History, in every way possible--including online.

I have made the personal decision to allow Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History to join the Incentive Books family. Incentive Books is an online brochure which brings high quality books in bulk to the corporate world and non-profit organizations. As the middle-man in negotiating opportunistic deals between publishers and business, Incentive Books could potentially secure the success of one’s literary work.

Of course, it was made clear to me by CEO Terry Roberts that not all books can qualify to be part of this enterprise. However, Roberts was confident my paperback exceeded quality expectations, and should do well in the gift-baskets of the corporate world, and as a throw-in premium on television infomercials.

According to their website:

Books comprise upwards of $1 billion of the $46 billion incentives marketplace. In a presentation at The Book Standard Summit in 2005, Nielson BookScan reported that 93% of the books sold via retail in 2004 actually sold less than 1000 copies! On the other hand, 55% of all books are sold outside of bookstores to what are called special markets. That includes book clubs, catalogs, gift stores, and corporations. Few authors and independent publisher understand the corporate incentives market. Even if they do, they can’t afford the overhead to dedicate resources to the idea.

(For authors, our intention is to provide additional income and personal exposure by helping them put their books into the hands of more readers. Selling to the incentives market is totally compatible with any other marketing or distribution program (including bookstores). By building a track record of book sales, you open the door to other opportunities – traditional publishers, literary agents, etc. )

 Here is a link to their website: http://www.incentivebooks.com

Best wishes in getting YOUR book published. And don't give up!

--Manny Pacheco

About the author:

Manny Pacheco is a Southern California radio and television personality. He's appeared on NBC's Santa Barbara, and KCOP's Emmy-nominated In Studio. Radio stops have included KRLA, KBIG and KFI. And now he's added to his resume the title, Author. Manny describes his experience in self publishing his first book, Forgotten Hollywood, Forgotten History, as "an education." You can purchase it online as well as keep up with Manny's personal appearances at http://www.forgottenhollywood.com/