Monitizing Web Video

At the May 2010 MCAI meeting brothers Brett and Jedd Winn shared details of their internet success monitizing video content. Here is short report on their extraordinary presentation--in their own words.

Monetizing Internet content can be a tricky thing. We, the Brothers Winn, (Brett and Jedd to our friends) have worked since September 2007 to try and make our podcast,, into something profitable. The biggest dividing difference is the same in all media....

Do you get a sponsor and make money from advertisement (the broadcast TV model) or do you sell the finished content (the film model) or some other kind of ancillary product(s)?

We, the Brothers Winn, (did we mention we are related?) found that the kind of media you produce and the way you present it will have a profound effect on which one of these funding options is the most effective for you. Different types of online media are more susceptible to different kinds of financial support. Content that is highly specialized (, Mommycast, etc.) has a much easier time attracting sponsorship because of a concentrated demographic audience. Whereas entertainment-based media such as has a harder time reeling in sponsors and relies more on direct selling to the audience.

In our presentation before the OC Chapter of MCAI in May 2010, we, The Brothers Winn, actually opened up our books and shared the real dollar amounts generated from revenue streams: advertisers, link-based commissions, print-on-demand t-shirts, donations, DVD sales, digital content sales and video hosting partnership. If you missed it, tough noogies. But each endeavor had its up and downs, and believe it or not, each one was profitable.

However, you need to be careful with words like profitable, because technically sweatshop wages are still "profitable." One of our (who are we? Say it out loud, The Brothers Winn) strongest recommendations, no matter what you are selling online, is to check out a new service called TrialPay. It allows you to offer your product free as a premium if the buyer is willing to sign up for a sponsor's offer (which can also be free)! Here's a living breathing example: If you are interested in finding out more and being eligible for a $250 gift certificate, use the following link to sign up...and it will help out The Brothers too!

In the end the real money maker for The Brothers Winn (that's us) came from this revenue stream--one we hadn't even considered in the beginning. So the most important point to remember is "if it not working, try something new."

Unfortunately, we can't tell you any more. If you missed us in Orange County and you want to find out all about how to (or how not to) monetize your online content, The Brothers Winn will be giving the same entertaining, educating, comedic presentation at the San Diego Chapter of MCA-I on June 23rd, 2010.

--Brett and Jedd Winn

About The Authors:

Besides being entertaining internet entrepreneurs, Jedd and Brett Winn are serious media producers hiding behind the very reputable facade of Titan Arts, their well-respected and very successful production company. They request you feel free to refer large amounts of work to them.