5 Ways To Promote Your Digital Media Business On YouTube

Even though this blog article is focused mainly on the digital media creation industry (and that's a pretty large industry when you take into account TV, film, web, podcasting, blogging, mobile, etc), most of these principles can be applied to any industry.

Some of you may consider YouTube a great "video wasteland" where teenagers videotape their silly tricks or a place to watch dumb videos created by dumb people or a good place to look for old TV show reruns. Well, part of that may be true, but from a business perspective, you've got a captive audience waiting for and wanting good content. As a media creator, you and your company should be posting videos on YouTube to attract new leads for future projects and to find new audience members for your content. Setting up a YouTube channel is very easy to do and best of all it's free. However, building a successful YouTube channel is not free. It requires a lot of effort and time to creating the right content to attract the right audience while engaging them on a constant basis.

Following are my "top 5" things you can do today (I mean right now after you are done reading this article) to start promoting your content, your services or your products on YouTube.

Use The Right Keywords In Your Channel

When creating your channel, make sure that you fill out as much information as you can using the right keywords that will attract the right audience you want. For example, instead of using your personal name, use your company name under "Name" or your show name if that's what you are promoting. Also, make sure you have a link to your site posted on the Channel along with a detailed description of what the channel is about. Again, make sure you use the right keywords when writing all this information because your channel will be indexed not only by Google, but also by YouTube when people search in YouTube.com. The more keywords you have that people search for, the better chance of your Channel coming up in their search results. For example, if you do a search on YouTube.com for "New media webinars", you will see that we are the 1st search result under "Playlist Results"

Create Playlists

Organize your content by type. For example, our show, The Digital Scene show, located at YouTube.com/TheDigitalScene, covers many types of events. Each event gets its own playlist so that people can find the right content they are looking for. Also, when you create a playlist, you are able to add even more keywords to describe that playlist. That's more "SEO food" for YouTube search. Playlists are also shown separately from regular video results, which means people can find your content easier.

Create Previews For Your Content

If people have to pay to watch your content, then create a short 3 to 4 minute preview of it and post it on YouTube. For example, we charge for our webinar archives, but to increase the potential of people purchasing that archive, we create a 3 to 4 minute preview of it and post it on YouTube. We also embed that video on our webinar landing page so that people can "preview" before they purchase. This technique has helped us immensely in increasing our sales of archives.

Create Projects, Behind The Scenes & Customer Testimonials Videos

If you are in the business of creating content for others, you should be posting your portfolio on your YouTube channel. However, instead of posting one large video file with all your projects mixed in together (like a standard portfolio video), create a separate file for each project. This will allow you to better organize your files into playlists (which allow you to add keywords) and to add descriptions (even more keywords) to each of your files. All of these keywords on your video files, your playlists and your channel will help people find your content much easier and quicker. Also, you should have a playlist that contains customer testimonials about your services. If you have any "behind the scene" shots showing people how you work (and you really should get your cousin to videotape you with his Flip camera), post that into its own playlist as well.

Show Off Your Expertise

If you are a Final Cut Pro editor looking for projects, why not create a short "how-to" video series on Final Cut Pro? This will not only attract people that want to learn Final Cut Pro, but also potential customers when they go looking for Final Cut Pro editors. Are you an expert in a special technique, for example, keying green screen footage? Create a how-to video of your techniques. You will become the "go to person" and expert when it comes to that technique. Both people wanting to learn your technique and potential customers will be attracted to you and your videos.

I hope you find these tips and techniques for promoting your digital media business on YouTube helpful. If you have other interesting ways that you use YouTube to promote your business, please share it with us


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