How To Make $$ With Web Video

Meet three guys who not only make money from video on the web, they're willing to tell you exactly how to do it! Marcelo Lewin, the New Media Dude, and The Brothers Winn are money-making new media moguls with different approaches to content but a few similarities in monetizing their web efforts.

This meeting of the LA/OC Chapter of MCAI promises to be extraordinarily valuable in both inspiration and detailed information about content, distribution and monetization. Don't miss it!

Marcelo Lewin is founder and CEO of Center for New Media Studies (CNMS). He takes the information/reality approach offering various series of original programs on such as Digital Media Bootcamp: Real World Digital Media Tips; The Digital Scene, covering Digital Media Events; and New Media Insider: One on One Interviews With Industry Experts. CNMS also includes which creates and produces free live webinars for digital filmmakers working in film, video or the web, both in production and post-production.

Brett and Jedd Winn, working through their company Titan Arts, have taken the entertainment road to original content. Their daily web series "What you ought To Know" is humorous, G Rated and PROFITABLE! Together the brothers form a fast talking creative dynamo which will reveal all the numbers and how they make money! The Bros Winn are also developing a feature film and TV Pilot. And Titan Arts also has a successful a Business Media division.