HISPANICS: Are they here, yet?

No matter what your daily routine is, they are present; their invisible presence can be "seen," felt, or used. But you don't know much about them because they have been--for decades--underserved by the media. Yes, I'm talking about Hispanics. And, No, I'm not a Pro-Affirmative Action freak

The more I watch prime time Spanish TV the more convinced I am that local business people are banking on viewer's ignorance, or just plain stupidity. Media outlets know their business, but they are not willing to share their knowledge with their clients at a local level. Here is where you,--yes, you--the Media Professional, have your big opportunity.

Big companies have recognized the importance of the Hispanic Dollar, and are marketing their products accordingly, aiming their campaigns to a more sophisticated audience. Not the same with small, local merchants. They have the money for advertising, but they also have the firm belief that every spot they spend the money on must feature them, their relatives, or the almost naked girl they've been dreaming of, instead of the product or service they offer. Demographics is a word they might never have heard of, and that, puts you within reach of the money making opportunity.

How can all this blah, blah, blah be turned into money in your pocket? Well, as I told you before, media outlets and big national companies have well established business and marketing plans; which is not the same with small, local businesses. For you to get your share of the Hispanic Dollar, you need to tap into this almost virgin market. You need to educate yourself in the Hispanic way of doing business, not in the generic Latino business. Publications like Hispanic keep track of Hispanic social, cultural, political, and educational advances; Hispanic Business covers all aspects of Hispanic big and small businesses. Another good source of education is the local Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce, which also serves as a prime networking venue.

Now that you have learned how local Hispanic business people do business, it is time to develop your own marketing plan focusing in your knowledge of the media to educate your prospective clients. Remember, you may be persuading them to aim to a more diversely educated audience, which will be radically changing their business idiosyncrasy; it may only be done if you are prepared to show them that your way is the best way to put more Dollars in their pockets. Okay, you are ready to get your share of the Hispanic market, what the heck do you do to contact them? Well, don't you remember the local Hispanic Chamber of commerce? And, of course, the old fashioned, door to door marketing.

Wait! Don't hire a book keeper yet, 'cause you're not getting any of the Hispanic Dollars, unless you recognize the fact that Hispanics are here to stay! --Omar Guzman-Corzo

Omar Guzman is a freelance voice talent and program host on KSBR Radio, 88.5 FM. He translates and records in both English and Spanish. Mr Guzman has served as Vice President of the LA/OC Chapter of MCAI and is currently on the Board of Directors. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.