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Call a Media Professional!! Part 2

In Part One, I talked about why businesses need to take the trouble to find a professional media communications expert. Now, what goes into a successful business video? And where do you find the right producer?

First, the potential audience needs to be discussed and analyzed in as much detail as possible. Then, a concept needs to be developed that targets those viewers' "hot buttons." Next, a script is written that further strengthens that audience connection. Once the script is finalized, moving images are captured that correspond to the script.

The next stage is post-production. There, narration (or on-camera talent) is married to the moving images, along with appropriate music, sound effects. still and motion graphics. Once the video is completed, it needs to be reviewed (preferably by viewers representative of your final viewing audience). After this, any additional changes should be incorporated. Finally, the video needs to be conformed for final distribution (broadcast, DVD, internet, iPod, etc.)

Finding a professional who can successfully take you through each of these stages is critical-and the biggest ad in the Yellow Pages isn't going to guarantee you've found the right one. So, where do you find the right one?

The best resource is in front of you every day. Talk to your vendors, your peers, your colleagues, your networking groups. They'll let you know if they've found the right one for them. Ask to see a sample of what was done for them. Don't worry if the referred producer has never worked in your particular industry. No producer has worked in every industry, and those who have worked in your industry aren't necessarily creating compelling content. A good producer knows how to "get inside" your business quickly, and knows what questions to ask.

Even after 25 years in the business, I still get excited when a client, working in an industry I've never worked in, calls me up to do a new project. One of the best things about my job is the fact that I have to become an "instant expert" in whatever business I'm working with. Whether it's manufacturing, high tech, non-profit, medical, retail, finance or fashion; whether the goal is marketing, sales, training or educational, I'm constantly learning about what makes our society tick. And that's why I love my job!

So, when you're ready to make that video that's going to increase business, don't grab the Yellow Pages. Make some calls, send some emails, and get some referrals from people you trust. Find a real media professional! And start with as a resource!

--Bill Ennis

Bill Ennis is the president of the Media Communications Association International's Orange County/LA Chapter. On the side, he's an award-winning writer, producer and director of compelling content through his company, Media Magic. He can be reached at 949-713-9696 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.