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Juggling Two Careers

Have you ever wished there were more than 24 hours in a day so that you could get more accomplished? I think we've all been there. As a voice-over artist as well as a vocalist, I've discovered something that applies to every media professional...

OK, it may be obvious to some but, I've discovered I need to devote as much time as I can in each of my two fields to marketing, networking and practicing. Both the music business and the voice-over business are full-time jobs. What many don't realize is that the actual performance is only a small part of the job. Maybe the most fun...but only a small part!

I feel so fortunate to have learned so much from so many interesting people with whom I have networked in each field. Keeping your life in perspective is important. When you are doing something that you enjoy, whether it's performing in front of an audience or working alone in your home studio, you are there because you want to be there. You are able to look at your life from a positive point of view. Then, all the business in show business-the marketing and gig hunting-becomes part of the fun.

I've discovered through networking with musicians as well as actors, that we are all in the same place, and that people are more than willing to help each other when it comes to searching for gigs, finding coaches or sharing lessons from past auditions. They've also helped me learn to juggle time and find balance and order somewhere in the process.

I may devote two hours a day as an example, to making phone calls and sending out emails in order to do the marketing that I need to do. And I may easily spend another two hours devoted to practice.

Both fields have taught me that there are days when I need to be flexible with my time or do a little bit of extra organizing or rearranging. These have been good life lessons because when you think about it, we can apply flexibility and adaptability to any area of our lives.

The moral of my story is this:

If you have a dream or maybe two dreams, don't be afraid to pursue them. You will find the time to pursue both of your interests if that is what you want to do. Don't give up. Keep plugging away, and Just go for it! --Tina Wilson