The Voice of Experience

Acting is Fun--Seriously! I'm a character actor and I really enjoy performing. I've been in more than fifty plays over the years and take my craft very seriously while still having a great deal of fun along the way. I'm an actor, a performer, and when on stage I've been asked to play many roles. Over the last 18 months or so...

I've portrayed, in reverse order, a British Diplomatist in the 1920's, a wealthy Southern Plantation owner in the 1930's, a booze guzzling husband and father on the edge of mental collapse from the 1980's and a Pleasure Ship Captain who's passengers are mysteriously dying off one by one, it was very funny!

The other arena, in which I perform, is the unseen, only heard, area of voiceovers. It's great fun too! And here I don't have to worry at all about my costume or makeup. I don't even have to memorize my lines, remember blocking or whether I put my props out on stage before the show started. In voiceovers I get a chance to make it all about the character, a voice of a person you hear and who's envisioned only in the mind's eye.

Even in voiceovers, without all the added elements of a stage play, I take my craft seriously. I invest in myself, continued training and classes with other top talents in the industry. I think it's always a good thing to get other perspectives and angles on how to improve my performance. All of that is to be better at fulfilling the needs of the project, the needs of the copy and what the client had in mind. Sometimes it's not much, a straight commercial read or industrial narration. Then, again sometimes there's a lot more required for the project and I'd like to think that I have the training and the chops to pull off more than what was hoped for. For an actor, direction is a wonderful thing. Any information we can get helps us fine tune just what it is the client is looking for. It makes us and what we do that much better.

But, that voice, that sound is a subjective thing and no voice talent gets all the gigs they try out for. And all this is to say that here within the membership roles of the MCA-I, are some darn good, professional, voice actors, all looking forward to making your lives easier with our abilities, training, experience, talent and maybe a dash of creativity.

So the next time you've got a gig that calls for a talking toaster or a rabbit that dispenses dating advice, give me a call, I just might have an idea on what that sounds like-Seriously!

Brian Page is the owner of Vocal Images and besides being a voice and stage actor, he's also a radio program producer and theatrical sound designer. He also makes a mean meatloaf.