100 Best Blogs for Film and Theater Student

By Laura Milligan

Film and theater students aren’t limited to their school labs, studios or stages anymore. Online resources including performance and audition tips, production and editing tools, monologue databases and film festival entry guidelines are available to anyone interested in the industry. Following is a list of 100 of the best blogs to find these resources and tips.


Indie Film Blogs

Learn about budgeting, editing and showing indie films here.

  1. The Independent Eye: This IFC blog includes stories about classic films and movie stars and more recent projects.
  2. Jurgen and Marcy’s Independent Film Blog: These About.com guides share news and more about film festivals and the independent film circuit.
  3. Independent Film Blog: Read about budgeting, film festivals and more on this blog.
  4. Filmmaker Blog: Filmmaker Magazine’s blog posts photos of special events, writes about new technologies and trends for indie filmmakers and shares newsworthy tidbits.
  5. The Real Indie Film News Blog: This blogger posts about "ultra-low budget, DIY, non-Hollywood and non-Indiewood movies" and projects.
  6. SundanceThe Salt Lake Tribune’s blog is all about the Sundance Film Festival.
  7. MYFILM: This blog includes reviews of indie films, but it also dispenses valuable advice for producing, financing and distributing your own films.

Production and Video

For tips and tools related to video production and editing, look here.

  1. HD for Indies: If you want to make your film in HD, read this blog.
  2. Media Production Blog: Catch up on news about the film industry and get tips and resources for producing here.
  3. Bob Donlon’s Adobe TV Blog: Learn how to manipulate and produce Adobe TV here.


This list includes blogs about documentary projects.

  1. Earth Pilgrims: This documentary film blog includes interviews and long summaries of the documentary filmmaking process.
  2. P.O.V. Blog: PBS’ documentaries blog tracks film festivals, new directors, classic documentaries and more.
  3. International Documentary Association: Visit the community pages to read member blogs and learn about exciting new projects from around the world.
  4. In the Life: This blog covers documentaries from a gay perspective.
  5. indieWIRE: indieWIRE often posts about documentaries.
  6. Steady Diet of Film Blog: This blogger ranks documentary films, reviews movies and more.


For information, inspiration and tips on animation and cartoons, read these blogs.

  1. Animation Blog: This blog judges animations, from very basic designs to more cutting edge projects.
  2. Classic Cartoons: This blog is a kind of timeline and historical tribute to old cartoons and the evolution of animation.
  3. Thinking Animation: Two animators write this blog, which shares tips about staging, freelancing and finding inspiration.
  4. Cartoon Brew: Get the latest on the cartoon industry and animation tips here.
  5. 3-D Stereoscopic Film and Animation Blog: Those interested in creating 3D films should read this blog.
  6. ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Access the online database of classic animations for inspiration and a sense of history.

Movie Projects

These blogs give directors and filmmakers an inside look into the journey and progress of a movie project.

  1. The Martini Shot: Besides blogging about film festivals and events, this site often references the online project PINK.
  2. TIM Film Production Blog: Follow the progress of this short film.
  3. Tampa Film Blog: Get tips on movie making, marketing and more when you read about the indie films being made in Tampa, FL.
  4. Subdivided: This award-winning documentary about McMansions and the housing crisis is tracked here.
  5. The 48 Hour Film Project: This popular filmmaking contest has blogs for different projects and cities.
  6. J.P. Film Project: Get updates on this film project, which follows a young man’s struggle with schizophrenia and mental illness.

Industry Blogs

Learn about the business of Hollywood, movie marketing, Broadway and more here.

  1. Movie Marketing Update: Find out which studios are backing which projects, learn marketing techniques from big and small films, and more.
  2. Risky Biz Blog: The Hollywood Reporter’s blog studies the film industry’s latest trends, "ups, downs and deals."
  3. Variety: Get movie reviews, casting news, project updates and more from the Variety blogs.
  4. Entertainment News and Buzz: The LA Times’ blog shares the latest in entertainment and celebrity news.
  5. Broadway Blog: Get Broadway news and gossip here.
  6. Arts Beat: The New York Times arts blog shares the latest on arts events, including film festivals, theatre openings and more from around the world.

TV and Media

Before jumping into the TV industry, read up on job cuts, the TV culture, working in TV and more.

  1. TV Film Society Blog: The TVFS Blog connects you to job boards, film festivals and more.
  2. TV Squad: Learn about the changing culture of TV, from filming and new media to corporate deals to TV fans.
  3. Tuned In: CNN’s TV blog offers an insightful look into the industry and its evolution.
  4. TV Decoder: From job cuts to new show ideas, this blog from the New York Times is more than just a review of shows.
  5. Blink: Learn about everything that’s going on in the TV industry here.
  6. Digital Dish: This Internet-turned-TV insider wonders about the redundancy of TV, Web TV, programming and more.

Acting and Auditions Blogs

These blogs are for actors wanting to get tips on auditions, performances, and finding jobs.

  1. Los Angeles Acting Blog: David August shares tips for self-promotion and becoming a better actor, as well as reporting on acting news.
  2. Philly Actress Blog: A Philadelphia actress has tips for avoiding auditions scams, finding gigs, and more.
  3. The Actors Blog Network: This blog often posts about Australian acting news, but also shares tips and news that’s relevant to all actors.
  4. The Actors Enterprise: Get tips for promoting yourself and your acting business here.
  5. Backstage: Unscripted: Actors blog to share reviews and track their journeys from show to show.
  6. Stage: Here’s a blog that helps actors get organized, find auditions and more.
  7. Dennis Baker LLC: Dennis Baker is an actor and web designer. Read his blog for tips on balancing a creative life with a more economically practical one.
  8. Angela Learns to Act: Angela is an MFA Acting student, and she blogs about auditions, school life and shows.
  9. Milwaukee Shakespeare: This Shakespeare company blogs about its shows, backstage and more.
  10. Simply Broadway: Aaron Lazar is a Broadway actor, and he shares his experiences here.
  11. Acting Auditions: Learn about auditions for big movies, Disney TV shows and more.
  12. Knock ‘Em Dead Acting: Get tips for auditions and performances here.


Directors can read blogs that review filmmaking techniques and reveal inside experiences.

  1. Zoom: Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris blogs about cinematography and photography for the New York Times.
  2. Film Directing Tips: Peter D. Marshall shares filmmaking tips from editing to marketing.
  3. Jason Reitman’s Blog: Jason Reitman shares his experiences shooting Juno and more.
  4. Illiterary Fiction: Learn how to direct low-budget films when you read this blog.
  5. Sam Longoria Filmmaking Blog: This slightly bizarre blog has tips for making small-budget films.
  6. Filmmaking for the Poor: Learn how to make your movie without a big financier when you read this blog.
  7. Tait’s Film Making Blog: This blog is touted as an "online filmmaking school" and has tips for auditions, casting and more.


Check out these blogs to get an inside look at New York theater.

  1. Broadway World: Get the latest on Broadway shows, investments and the culture of Broadway here.
  2. The Best of Off Broadway: Learn about Off Broadway shows and what it’s like to work on Off Broadway productions here.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre and musicals are decoded in these blogs.

  1. Musical Theatre Spot: Here you can read about producing your own musical, as well as get news on bigger productions.
  2. All About Musicals: Here you can read about "all things musical theatre and film."
  3. Musical Theatre Audition: Actors can get tips for callbacks, preparing college audition material, and more.
  4. Coloured Lights: Read reviews and industry news here.
  5. North Shore Music Theatre Blog: Here you can read about the shows and backstage culture of NSMT, the largest non-profit producing theater in New England.


Those interested in set, lighting and costume design will learn a lot from these blogs.

  1. John Paul Green’s Set Design Blog: Set designers can get a look into British production designer John Paul Green’s experiences here.
  2. Set Design Thinking: View these gorgeous photographs for inspiration recreating fancy hotels, elaborate place settings, apartments and more.
  3. On Stage Lighting: Learn about lighting, digital stage lighting, new operating tools and more.
  4. Costume Design Blog: Read all about "the art and business of costume design" from a professional.

Survival Tips

These blogs share tips on surviving the industry.

  1. Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts: Here you can read interviews with directors and screenwriters to learn how they created movies.
  2. Making the Movie: Read movie reviews and get tips on promoting your projects here.
  3. The Movie Blog: Beyond the movie reviews found on this blog, you can also get tips for making your own movies and relating to your audience.


Arts managers and theater directors will get tips and more from these blogs.

  1. Butts in the Seats: This blog is all about "practical solutions for arts management." Read posts about getting grants, avoiding advertisements and more.
  2. Arts Management Ireland: Although this blog focuses on the theatre and arts projects in Ireland, it also has good insight and advice for arts managers and directors around the world.

Screenwriting and Playwriting

For inspiration, tips and industry news, screenwriters and playwrights can turn to this list.

  1. Unknown Screenwriter: The Unknown Screenwriter answers questions about characters, creativity, plot, and more.
  2. JohnAugust.com: Here you can study older films and their success, get tips on saving money and joining the WGA, and more.
  3. The Third Draft: Alexis Niki is a screenwriter and blogger who posts listings about workshops, reviews films, and has general tips for screenwriters.
  4. My Next One Will Be Better: Read the musings of Andy Coughlan’s ideas and experiences screenwriting and filmmaking.
  5. Playwrightsnotebook: This writer and actor keeps us updated with her rewrites and lessons learned.
  6. Playwrights Foundation Blog: This San Francisco-based writer shares excerpts, blogs about industry news and more.
  7. Creative Screenwriting Magazine: Read interviews with the screenwriters of current films, like Milk,and more.
  8. The Artful Writer: Catch up on SAG news and learn about the professional culture of screenwriting.
  9. Screenwriting Goldmine Blog: Read "inside screenwriting stories" and get tips for writing your own film here.
  10. Fun Joel’s Screenwriting Blog: Joel is an LA transplant who blogs about screenwriting industry news.


For even more helpful and stimulating blogs about the film and theater industries, look here.

  1. A Filmmaker’s Life: Filmmakers Alliance founder Jaques Thelemaque shares stories, "insights, nightmares" and more about the film industry and his journey in this blog.
  2. DIY Filmmaker Sujewa: Read about this blogger’s film projects, as well as film festivals, the indie film movement, movie reviews and more.
  3. CinemaTech: Innovative filmmakers will like this blog, which shares tips and resources about new media techniques, including digital cinema and democratization.
  4. Diyong’s Portfolio Blog: View this blog to see how sketches evolve into a short film.
  5. LA Stage Blog: Find out all the news and gossip from the LA Stage Alliance here.
  6. Steppenwolf: The famous Steppenwolf Theatre Company posts about its goals, shows and events here.
  7. Theatre Notes: Read theatre reviews and more right here.
  8. Roger Ebert’s Journal: Whether you love or hate Roger Ebert’s reviews, you can read them all here.
  9. The House Next Door: This popular film review blog is a must-read.
  10. Film Dailies: A small budget filmmaker uses this blog to share advice and analysis on large films, video production and more.
  11. Cinebeats: Cinebeats is a great place to catch up on and review films from the 1960s and 70s.
  12. Drifting: Check out the latest projects coming from Texas filmmaker David Lowery on his blog.
  13. Alliance of Women Film Journalists: Here you can learn about women filmmakers, documentary makers and more.
  14. Theatre is Territory: Read about theatre theory, performance and productions here.
  15. Job Opportunities in Theatre and Education: Check this blog for job notices around the country. Previous posts advertise jobs for music education coordinators and full-time drama teaching positions.