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One of the most important reasons media and production professionals join MCA-I is to find new business through the networking opportunities we provide at meetings and special events.  But there are other ways MCA-I helps you grow your business.  Here are three - actually four - great opportunities to publicize yourself and your business through your membership in MCA-I.

FIRST,  a new feature on the website called "Members Are Working On..."  It's a short tabloid-style gossip column to let the world know what you (and we as an organization) are capable of.  We're generally limiting everyone to one or two items per month with some exceptions.  So rather than load everything into one month stretch em out and send a different item each month...Even if you aren't all that busy you could milk one project by repeating it (just a little) one month saying you're in preproduction, the next month in production or just wrapping up.

Our goal with "Members Are Working On..." is to totally refresh it monthly with all new items... so send me your item now!

SECOND and THIRD, Have you updated your listing on the membership pages of MCA-I-OC? -- and the OC Media List?  You may not realize it but the more places you're listed the higher you will come up on a google search -- and BOTH these directories are FREE to all MCA-I members.

FOURTH - and equally important -is the MCA-I International (remember, the 'I" in MCA-I does not stand for 'National') website ( and the "FIND A PRO" service.  This is used by clients and other production people all around the country to find producers, crews and pros in every category.  As a full member (formerly referred to as a National Member) you can list yourself FREE in as many categories as you like.  Sorry, but the International Directory and FIND A PRO are not open to associate members - another good reason to step up to full membership, now!

One word of advice --and this is particularly true of the MCA-I International Website-- don't use the same copy for multiple listings on the same site.  For instance, don't cut and paste the same credits and descriptions onto your listing as a producer that you use on your listing as an Editor.  Google and other search engines will ignore them--or worse--blacklist them.  Except for your contact information, make every listing unique.

But there’s nothing like meeting someone face-to-face. Of course, in-person networking and meeting new people at our monthly MCA-I Meeting is another great way to get the word out that you are available for the big-bucks jobs.

See you at our next monthly meeting—and bring a friend!