SPECIAL EVENT: This Friday November 2nd, 2018


SoCal Media Pros long-time member, Bill A Jones, is appearing in concert in OC this Friday, saluting the Great Gentlemen of Song. Besides his acting gigs (Glee, Days of Our Lives, etc) Bill has cut 2 albums. If you love the classic tunes of the great American songbook, you won't want to miss Bill's performance this week!

Tickets are priced reasonably and the venue is intimate. But seating at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club in Corona Del Mar/Newport is limited, so go online and order your tickets now at   https://jazz4us.ticketspice.com/bcyc-november-2nd-bill-a-jones


NEXT MEETING: October 23, 2018


   Join SoCal Media Pros as we present THE POWER OF PODCASTING with Paul Roberts. Paul will show you how to get found, share stories, create content and start a conversation with anyone you want to meet (including new customers!) by podcasting. Yes, audio done the right way can be that powerful! What business couldn't benefit from THE POWER OF PODCASTING? Paul Roberts has created thousands of hours of podcasts as the owner of OC TALK RADIO...Orange County's only community radio. Among other valuable lessons, you'll learn Paul's mantra: "Podcasting is Streaming...not screaming."

Doors open at 6:30 for networking, program begins at 7:00 PM. $5 at the door. Paid Members of the SoCal Media Pros are free. No Food will be served but limited refreshments will be available. For directions PLEASE RSVP HERE

As always, bring a friend and come early for networking with other media pros. We will be meeting at the Digital Media Center, 1300 S. Bristol in Santa Ana.

New President's Welcome - June 2018

JoeNagleWelcome to SoCal MediaPros, the premier professional educational and networking group in the southern California entertainment & communications media scene.

My name is Joe Nagle, and I am honored to assume my role as SoCal MediaPros President. I would like to take this opportunity to thank outgoing President Larry Stimson for his stellar work in guiding our austere little band of media dudes & dudettes through our first 2 years of existence. We have had some amazing meet-ups during your term, including topics like Introduction to Virtual Reality; Video Marketing Strategies; Lighting Concepts; and Tech On Wheels, to name but a few. You've certainly left some big shoes for me to fill. (It's a good thing I have such big feet!)

And thanks also to board members Art Kirsch, John Coleman, Brian Page, Tom Smith and Anne Ganguzza for all the hard work that you have put in to building this important organization from the ground up. I hope you will continue to work with me to keep the momentum going!

If you're a new member or just visiting here, be sure to bookmark our site & check back often to see what new & interesting stuff we come up with, like, wouldn't it be COOL if we held an event where videographers, voice actors, producers, directors, screenwriters, studio owners, editors, etc., could sit down in an informal, roundtable format & share or gain knowledge (and maybe business cards) with their peers, wannabe peers & potential business collaborators, about whatever they want to share or gain knowledge in? Maybe include a continental breakfast & a light lunch. Heck, I'd pay $20 for that opportunity!

Meanwhile, Lights! Camera! Action!


Joe Nagle

President, SoCal Media Pros,


Tom SmithAn Interesting Journey

SoCal Media Pros member, Tom Smith, is a well-known producer-director with a wide variety of clients. Besides the CEO of Thomas Smith Productions, he's also a respected videographer who freelances for a number of large event companies. We got to chat with Tom about his very interesting business and how he got here--a journey you may find surprising!

SoCal: Tom, What excites you about your business?

Tom Smith: The best part of my job is the wide range of people I get to work with. Last month I worked for a large Catholic university on an immigration and refugee program, very different. Last week I was working with people in the General Aviation field and shooting state-of-the-art aircraft, next week interviews for real estate. Always different and Fun!

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Members Are working On... 1st Quarter 2018

socalmediapros logo180wMembers of SoCal Media Pros help each other in business and also serve the community. They're very good at what they do, so get in touch and collaborate with these experts for your next project!

Our friends have been busy and we haven't reported on their activities for a while, so let's start Alphabetically!

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Brian Page, Versatile Master

brian page 150 thumbYou've heard the old saw, Jack of All Trades Master of None? Well, SoCal Media Pros member, Brian Page, is a prolific creator who turns that archaic wisdom on its head! Page is a Master of a number of professional media trades, some of which seem to observers as quite disparate. For instance, how do you reconcile his success as an Actor and Director with his technical prowess as a Sound Designer? It all makes sense once you get to know him!

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When you rise to the top of your profession as SoCal Media Pros member Tim Keenan has, it's often due to more than just expertise and longevity. While Tim has over thirty years experience as producer, audio engineer and studio owner at Creative Media Recording in Cypress, CA, his well-earned reputation for top quality work is always accompanied by another equally important characteristic: he's a nice guy! Yep, everybody really likes working with Tim Keenan!

We recently spoke with Tim about his successful business, his career, professional media and the changes he's seen.

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NEXT MEETING: September 20, 2018: CROWDFUNDING: Tips, Tricks,Do’s & Don’ts

Quality production costs $$$ and Crowdfunding sounds so easy...but it's not! Join SoCal Media Pros and our friends at Filmental-OC Independent Filmmakers as Writer-Director Trevor Mayes and Producer Larry Stimson share their journey to fund their new film, "The Dancer." If you have crowdfunding experience come and share it with us! ...and if you're interested in joining their production as either cast or crew don't miss this event! doors open at 6:30 PM for networking! $5 at the door...paid Members of SoCal Media Pros are Free.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday June 20, 2018

Work With FILMMAKER TREVOR MAYES On His Next Project!

trevor mays T Shirt Award-winning Screenwriter and Director, Trevor Mayes, is prepping his next project and he's looking for both cast and crew! Whether you're interested in working on the film with Trevor, or just want to hear how a successful Indie puts a production together, you'll want to join SoCal Media Pros for our June gathering! Who knows, you may end up on the set with Trevor!

Trevor is going to share his process and filmmaking advice with us. You'll get important details on his creative formula, keys to success and how to make money as an indie filmmaker, including:

Crowdfunding / Screenwriting / Teamwork and Passion / Formatting for Theatrial Exhibition / Festival Frenzy / The Streaming Market for Indies

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MEETING REVIEW: SoCal Pros March 2018


Veteran Producer-Director, John W. Coleman, presented his demonstration of "5 Important Lighting Concepts for Professional johncoleman thumbFilmmakers and Video Creators" to the SoCal Media Pros March gathering at the Digital Media Center in Santa Ana.

Coleman, who has taught a lighting class at local colleges for over a decade, pointed out that the concepts were all well accepted by top DPs and Cinematographers, even if they were such second nature they rarely needed to be mentioned. To demonstrate he used small tungsten lights from a classic Lowell kit along with some new portable, low-lumen LEDs. SoCal President, Larry Stimson, captured the very simple presentation on video.

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Meeting Review: February 2018

Video Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business and Personal Brand

Austin Armstrong SmallerAustin Armstong, a digital marketer for over 13 years has been a Project Manager and Video Marketing Strategist for Therapy Cable the last four. In that position he's produced over 700 videos as a tool to market their online service. Austin gave SoCal Media Pro members the benefit of lessons learned and the strategies he's developed over those last four years at our February 2018 meeting, entitled "Video Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business and Personal Brand". He did not disappoint.

Armstrong started with some important facts, including that YouTube is the second largest search engine, second only to google! His stats proved the value of marketing via video with a note that Facebook live videos are watched 3x longer than non-live videos. Then the really important information began to flow!

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