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2016 All-Media Holiday Party a BLAST!

For the Umpteenth Year All the professional Media Orgs in OC got to gether fro a year end celebration!. It was great fun renewing friendships and catching up and Mike McGready of OCMMA took the pictures to prove it! Thanks to all the folks at SoCal Media Pros, OCMMA VO PEEPS MediaAlliance, OC Indy Filmmakers and OC Screenwritrs --and of course everyone who attended -- For makeing it a great gathering! Special Kudos to Bonnie Erdrich for all he hard work! Now enjoy the photos!

Xmas16 A full houseXmas16 A full plateXmas16 A Table of FunXmas16 Brian Page MC and Cynthia cut the pieXmas16 Connie Chang wins a prizeXmas16 Fina Bentley Bob NordXmas16 Good Friends and great foodXmas16 Grace McKay Tina WilsonXmas16 Great SmilesXmas16 Larry Tim BrianXmas16 Lots of table hoppingXmas16 Myron CynthiaXmas16 Pies and more piesXmas16 Taking photosXmas16 Terry Syndergaard Fina BentleyXmas16 The back of the room had funXmas16 The Back Room at El RanchitoXmas16 The Head Table

Xmas16 4 happy guys

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