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Keeping A Good Thing Going...

President's Message SPRING 2019

My first experience with SoCal MediaPros (then the LA/OC Chapter of MCA-I) was at an event called the 2011 MediaProCamp. I was intrigued because there was no formal agenda; instead, the participants all suggested topics about which they were either interested in learning or in which they had a certain amount of expertise they were willing to share with the other attendees. Everyone present voted on which of those topics were of interest to them as well. We split up and round-table discussions were then held on the top 3 vote-getting topics, after which we reconvened as a group & repeated the process. It was truly a different experience for me! I learned a lot and met some great people in those discussion groups. The collaborative power of MediaProCamp to share information and solve problems among working Media Professionals was extraordinary!

Now, as the president of SoCal MediaPros, I am excited to let you know that later this year we will once again be presenting another MediaProCamp. More accurately, we'll be co-presenting with the Orange County Small Business Development Center at the Digital Media Center in Santa Ana. Like every MediaProCamp, this will be an opportunity not only to network with a diverse group of people including creatives, technologists, executives and others but people who come from all aspects of media such as development, production, distribution, marketing, manufacturing— and not just games; print, video, audio, education, you name it. 

This will be our 9th MediaProCamp event and it promises to be our biggest and most successful yet. Every MediaProCamp is unique because so much of the content is determined and supplied by the media Professionals who attend. I find that exciting. While I can't guarantee exactly what you'll take away or who you'll connect with, I can guarantee you will benefit and enjoy the experience!  I hope you will make plans to be there.

For more details Stay tuned to the SoCal MediaPros website...


Joe Nagle, President SoCal Media Pros