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SoCal Blast Newsletter for February 14, 201`7Sent on 14 February 2017Last Chance to RSVP For AUDIO SOFTWARE SHOOTOUT tomorrow night!
SoCal Blast Newsletter for February 10, 2017Sent on 10 February 2017RSVP NOW for Next Wed Night!
SoCal Blast Newsletter for February 6, 2017Sent on 06 February 2017A Panel of Audio Experts will discuss pros/cons of Audio Software on Feb 15th
SoCal Blast Newsletter TONITE! Feb 1st, 2017Sent on 01 February 2017Don't miss Tonite's Meeting "Make Your Script Come Alive" at the Silver Dream Factory!
SoCal Blast Newsletter January 27, 2017Sent on 27 January 2017Next Wed Feb 1st is "Make Your Script Come Alive...wth Camera Lighting and Sound"
SoCal Blast Newsletter January 13, 2017Sent on 14 January 2017NEXT WED - Make Your Script Come Alive with Camera Lights & Sound!
SoCal Blast Newsletter January 12, 2017Sent on 07 January 2017The next meeting of SoCal Media Pros on Jan 18th 2017 will feature a panel of below-the-line experts explaining HOW TO MAKE YOUR SCRIPT COME ALIVE WITH CINEMATOGRAPHY, LIGHTING AND SOUND.
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