Board Thanks Volunteers for MediaProCamp

The MCAI-OC Board of Directors congratulated the volunteers who organized the first MediaProCamp for an excellent event and thanked them for their hard work. Event Chair, John Coleman, mentioned them all by name...

While many of the volunteers performed multiple duties, Coleman thanked Eva Crabbs for being a one-woman dynamo in planning and purchasing breakfast and lunch for 100! Registration went quickly and smoothly thanks to the efficient and friendly efforts of Omar Guzman, Emmett Kesel, Grace McKay, Gary Stone, Richard Theiss, Tina Wilson and others. Managing the program board and MC duties were handled by  Mark Alexander, Brian Page, Cameron Sanders and John Coleman. Helping with planning and preparation were Dennis Backer, Bill Ennis, Larry Goldsmith and Bill O'Neill.

Coleman pointed out that the teamwork among the volunteers was extraordinary with everyone chipping in as needed in every area. "Attendees were filled with compliments about the event," he said. "That's due to the experience, professional attitude and generous, friendly nature of all our volunteers. They deserve great praise!"

The first-of-its-kind-event for the media industry was a big success in Orange County, drawing attendees from LA and San Diego as well. It will be used as a prototype by other MCAI chapters in the coming year.

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