MediaProCamp Was Free Thanks to Sponsors!

Professional Collaboration, powerful networking and great information for your media business--thanks to the generosity of our sponsors it was FREE to all who attended!

That included plenty of hot coffee, juice and baked goods in the AM and a pretty darn nice lunch! Be sure to let them know how their good deed did not go unappreciated...

Give them a call or drop them a line and say THANKS for MediaProCamp! We couldn't have done it without them!

MCAI is incorporated as a 501c3 charity so donations are tax deductible. Sponsorships are generally tax deductible as a business expense

Big Winners at MediaProCamp!

While everyone who attended MCAI's MediaProCamp felt like they won the lottery (what with a free lunch, great professional collaboration and networking with top media pros) there were three individuals who walked away big winners...

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Support MediaProCamp Sponsors

Please support all our sponsors! Their generosity makes MediaProCamp possible. Some have big banners others don't. All are talented companies that deserve your attention:

Kelly Herrin/All-In-One-Truck; Electric Pictures; Twin Oaks Communications; TodoCast; Orange County Film Commission; Tina Wilson, VO & Vocal Artist; Media Magic; Brian Page/Vocal Images, 714.404.7591; Julie Nagode, Voice-Overs, 949-589-1999; Creative Media Recording; Promax; Fast Forward Video; Corporate Video & Film and Adobe Systems Inc.

Meet Media Notables At ProCamp 6/20

The first-ever MediaProCamp on Saturday June 20 will feature a number of notable players from the Southern California world of media. Because the format involves lots of small group sessions, all attendees will get to chat personally with a number of media industry heavyweights.

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ADOBE CS4 is Door Prize At MediaProCamp!

A CS4 software package, worth aprox $1700 retail, is being offered as the main doorprize at MediaProCamp, courtesy of Adobe. The event is free, as are the doorprizes. But you must register on line to attend. AND...In case you don't win the big doorprize, Adobe is offering MCAI Members a special discount.

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Join New Sponsors of MediaProCamp!

Join industry leaders, Adobe, the fabulous All-In-One-Truck, digital hardware maker, Fast Forward Video as well as the world's first affordable, portable, live video-streaming and satellite internet broadcasting system, TodoCast, in making a powerful connection to a historic gathering of top media professionals! It's simple! Become a sponsor of the MCAI MediaProCamp as they have! Here's the deal, and a list of our great sponsors...

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The MCAI MEDIA PRO CAMP is an all day conference on Saturday June 20 for professionals working in every aspect of every media. It's intensely productive and noted for quality networking. This is a first on the west coast and it's FREE!

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