January 2012 – Events, News & Opinion for Media Pros

clpbdclp190Jan 18th Working Together: Nonprofits Budgeting for Professional Media Services. Meet Reps for three nonprofit orgs who need professional media. Help them determine needs and budgets. Then, an expert in low-budget production shares some of the most effective ways to keep costs down and still keep quality on the screen. Join MCA-I for our monthly meeting. Details…

control-room1902012: The Year Web Video Turns Into 2 Businesses.
Is web video ever going to be a business we professionals can monitize? This expert says it will be TWO! Details…

Business Tips: 21 Ways to Break the Ice. Whether it’s networking at an MCA-I meeting or working a room of prospective clients, how you start the conversation can make a big difference to your scuccess. Here’s 21 specific openers you can use for business. Details…

AND DON”T FORGET: our monthly networking breakfast on the 4th Wednesday (January 22nd) at Dennys at Redhill just East of I-5

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