NEXT MEETING: November 9th LIVE via Zoom



STEVE RAY Headshot 400x

Unfortunately, Due to an illness in the Family Steve Ray has put his calendar on hold! We'll reschedule with Steve when things get better. As you can imagine this is serious stuff, so our hearts and prayers and good wishes go out to Steve and his Family! Thanks for your understanding!

SoCal Media Pros presents a LIVE Interactive ONLINE meeting with Producer-Director-Actor, Steve Ray. It's FREE.

Get ready for an evening as eclectic as our guest!  As a director (and co-writer), Steve Ray has a short film currently in post… as an actor he's doing both on camera and VO for Capitol One…as a voice over performer, he was the voice of the last Presidential Inauguration Parade!  Of course his resume has a lot more. (did we mention Audio Engineer and 2nd Unit Cameraman?)


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Next Meeting: Wed, August 16, 2017

Live Streaming over WiFi, Hot New Cameras and More!

Join SoCal Media Pros for a great affordable solution to live streaming even with multiple cameras…as well as some of the latest, coolest camera upgrades since NAB! How about an affordable 4K camera designed to both stream directly to the internet (no computer interface needed) and record at the same time...and made for one-person operation!   RSVP HERE

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Next Meeting: Tuesday June 27, 2017

SoCal Media Pros and OCMMA present:

Adobe Work Flow Expert, Karl Lee Soule

RSVP HERE for this FREE Event

Our special guest , Karl, will tour the latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud: new features and tools for graphics, titling, and animation as well as tricks for polishing audio, sharing assets, support for formats HDR, VR and 4K, advanced artificial intelligence… and MORE!  And it's all FREE, including food! Plus, We are raffling off a full year subscription for the latest Adobe Creative Software Bundle and just by being there YOU COULD WIN!

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San Diego Media ProCamp on April 8th 2017!

LOGO Media Pro Camp

Join Our friends at the SD Media Pros for a full day of learning at the annual SD Media Pros Pro Camp. TSD Media Pros Header v5.pnghis special event, sponsored by SD Media Pros, is open to all. There is no fee to attend but you really do want to Register NOW! The day will include four 55-minute sessions, plus a lunch-time keynote by D.P. Bernie Mitchell.  Sponsored by Panasonic, the newest 4K cameras will be on display all day.

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Next Meeting: Wed. May 3, 2017


"Make Your Script Come Alive with... GREAT CHARACTERS!"
Featuring Noted Writing Coach, Leonard Szymczak

NOTE: This was previously scheduled for the 19th but now will be on the 26th!  

Leonard Szymczak AuthorOne of the most memorable elements of any Film, TV Spot, Stage Play, Novel or other media production is the characters. In April, at the monthly meeting of SoCal Media Pros, we'll present the next in our series of  "Make Your Script Come Alive with..." You'll meet our special guest speaker, author  and writing coach Leonard Szymczak (pronounced 'ZIM-check'), who will offer analysis of what makes a great character and how you can create one! This is for writers, actors, directors, filmmakers and anyone who wants to make memorable stories and productions! And by the way, when we say character analysis, we're not kidding—as you'll see when you read more, below!

 RSVP NOW at our meetup site for this dynamic evening!

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SPECIAL EVENT! Wednesday March 29, 2017

"Decode The Buzzwords & Increase Your Impact"

Sponsored By Panasonic and KeyCode Media

Join DP Bernie Mitchell of Silver Platter Productions for an intensive presentation DeCoding the terms 4K, UHD, HDR and RAW. You'll  smalllearn what you really need to know about each and discover how you can use all this new technology to enhance your production and increase your impact! Bernie Mitchell, who travels all around the country as an evangelist for Panasonic, is a highly respected Director Of Photography and Producer based in Orange County CA. He will be addressing workflow including acquisition, post and deliverables. He'll focus on the benefits you'll experience as the producer, the shooter, or the editor--and the extra value you can deliver for your clients.

This event will also include a chance for a hands-on demo of the newest Panasonic 4K cameras, including VariCam LT, AG-DVX200 and the brand-new UX Series 4K cameras, the AG-UX90 and AG-UX180 RSVP HERE

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Next Meeting: March 15, 2017

Next in our series, "Make Your Script Come Alive with …"

Among many other variables, it's Actors who make a story human and real.. But where do you find the right person for each part? Especially if you're doing low-budget? How do you guide actors to a cohesive vision? What's the writer's role at this point? What's the value of a table read…For the writer…For the Director…For the Actor? And what process works for both stage and film to Make Your Script Come Alive? Join SoCal Media Pros for our March monthly meeting "How To Make Your Script Come Alive ...with ACTING!" as we explore the answers to these questions and more. RSVP NOW

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SAVE THE DATE: March 15th 2017

Next Meeting of SoCal Media Pros:

On Wed March 15 we'll be presenting the next in our "Make Your Script Come Alive" series. This will feature actors and directors discussing How To Make Your Script Come Alive ...with ACTING! You can expect some inside tricks, and practical advice for translating any kind of a script into an emotional packed presentation. Details to come so check back on our website soon!


Meeting: January 18th 2017 - POSTPONED TO FEB 1st

Due to a Last Minute Booking Our Meeting is


Make Your Script Come Alive…
       with Cinematography, Lights & Sound!

The so-called technical aspects of filmmaking are crucial to any creative impact you hope your media project will have. Join SoCal Media Pros' President, Larry Stimson, on our NEWLY SCHEDULED DATE, FEBRUARY 1st at the fabulous Silver Dream Factory as he MC's a panel of production experts to answer your questions, give you ideas and an appreciation of the below-the-line-crafts. Our host, DP Roland Canamar, owner of the Silver Dream Factory will be on the panel and tours of this impressive facility will be given if you arrive early. RSVP NOW at

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Next Meeting: October 19th Location! Location! Location!

Want to rent your home or business out for use in a Movie or TV show? Or do you need a great setting for your next commercial, video or feature film? Got special requirements like a traditional New England home with picket fence? Or Futuristic archetecture? Maybe you need to shoot an action scene—a car chase or a fight on a rugged mountain trail? Well, you need professional Location Scout and Manager, Liz Ervin! At our next meeting Liz will take you behind the scenes and share secrets and fun stories of her 30 years in the business running Pacific Location Search, the premier service for film, TV and photo shoots specializing in OC and San Diego Counties. RSVP and pay online at our Meetup Site:

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Great Scene Analysis- The Scenes

My second submission for “my favorite scene” is taken from the movie, “Patton.”  The scene itself is labeled, “Bound For Bastogne.”  Here’s a link to the clip:

From Larry Stimson

 It’s from the 1945 Hitchcock thriller, “Spellbound.”

From Art Kirsch

"Gentlemen. You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!"

Taxi Driver (5/8) Movie CLIP - You Talkin' to Me? (1976) HD

Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship- Casablanca

Dirty Harry Do You ( I ) Feel Lucky Punk? ( high quality )

You Had Me at Hello - Jerry Maguire (7/8) Movie CLIP (1996) HD

Apocalypse Now  I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

When Harry Met Sally  I'll have what she's having.


From Grace McKay-- This one is about the cinematogrphy. Mr Robot clips



From John Coleman

Je’s Sitcom Fantasy from “Scrubs”

Re SCRUBS I need to play just a few minutes of  “Saddest moments’:
To set up and contrast with “JD’s Sitmcom fantasy:
Here’s my Jessica jones Clip — Kilgrave’s commands part 1
If theres time I’ll talk about the Magnificant Seven —this great clip establishing how tough the seven are as there recruited/
And of course you can’t talk about the Magnifican Seven without the theme song…
my third choice is the famous Baptism scene/Murder scene  intercutting two story lines…a magnificent example of editing & direction

Melinda's Choice!  My choice for favorite movie scene is  The Music Man "Ya Got Trouble"  I hope no one else has the same one!

Michelle Volz:  The title of the episode is "The Deal." The scene is referred to as "The This and the That."

Here's a YouTube link:­


Seinfeld - the this and the that.wmv<>
Seinfeld - Elaine and Jerry want to combine the "this" and the "that"


Meeting September 28, 2016

SoCal Media Pros presents: "Great Scene Analysis"

What's YOUR favorite scene from a movie or TV show? What makes it so memorable? The acting? Script? Camera angle? Lighting? Maybe it's an important plot point, a unique confrontation or a character revealing a truth? Is it a classic of the genre? Does it stand out among action flix, romances, comedy, mystery, war, horror or slasher movies? At this first meeting of SoCal Media Pros, YOUR favorite scene can be shared, enjoyed and analyzed so we can all learn about what makes great media moments—and how different our tastes and appreciation meters can be!  Feature films, TV shows, music videos, documentaries and more are all good—as long as we can find a clip of it to play! We've already got half a dozen great scenes to seed the evening but we need YOUR FAVORITE SCENE. 
RSVP NOW click Here

Here are the rules: Find a clip of your favorite scene on YouTube, Vimeo or on a DVD and send us the URL or whatever, so we can play it for everyone that night. You'll share what you like about it and we'll all have a great time! Remember, it's a favorite SCENE so clips are limited to 5 minutes max!
EMAIL YOUR CLIP INFORMATION to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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with Dolores Jenerson-Madden

This Special Event is being postponed due to scheduling conflicts!
Look For A  New Date SOON!

This special training will be from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM at the Digital Media Center in Santa Ana, CA. Participants will experience a dynamic and informative hands-on interactive workshop and leave with very helpful tips, necessary technical information, refined editing skills, along with valuable resources and handouts. Bring your own laptop with FCPX 10.2.3 software installed!

Anyone who works in FCPX! This workshop is primarily for intermediate and advanced editors. Experienced editors new to FCPX should have no problems but newbies to editing in general may find it challenging, though a good experience at a great price. This workshop is Interactive and Dolores is known for customizing her instruction for the audience.



Bring headphones, 64 to 128 GB USB 3.0 Empty Flash Drive for workshop files, and your Laptop with FCPX version 10.2.3 installed!  (Motion 5.2.3 installed optional).

Dolores Jenerson-Madden has taught media courses at both Chaffey College and Fullerton College and is a Certified Apple Instructor. If you attended MCAI's MediaProCamp you know that Dolores' ebullient personality is perfect for simplifying the complex, explaining the difficult and encouraging creative experimentation. She is a dynamic, people-person who loves to answer questions.

The complete workshop includes five+ hours of actual instruction, handout materials, resources, lunch and refreshments. Cost is $60 per person, prepaid. People with special dietary needs should bring their own food. No discounts offered or extra costs imposed. This low price is only available because MCAI is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to serving its members and the professional media community. A training workshop such as this might cost 5 to 15 times as much elsewhere. This is a one-time only event. We have no plans to offer this workshop again! Don't miss it.





  • Technical Information covering Computer Set Up Issues and Trouble Shooting Procedures, Data Management (Organization, Optimization, Proxy Files, Libraries, Key Words, Smart Collections, Roles, etc.)
  • 3D Text and Titles
  • Audio - from basic to advanced EQ and mixing
  • Editing functions and shortcuts
  • Selected Video and Audio Effects
  • Creating Generators in Motion for use in FCPX
  • Making 4K and HD Projects work together
  • Compressor exports from inside FCPX
  • Time Permitting:
  • Selected Color Correction Steps and MultiCam Editing
  • Dedicated Q&A on specific attendee issues


The DIgital Media Center
1300 S. Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA. 92704
at the corner of Wilshire.
Plenty of free parking available around the building
as well as directly across Bristol St.

From I-405 fwy, exit onto Bristol St and go North (and East) past South Coast Plaza appox 3 miles. Cross Edinger St and the DMC will be on your left. Do a U turn at Wilshire to enter.

Annual ALL MEDIA BBQ & MIXER is August 11th, 2016

Don't miss one of the best get-togethers all year! It's the Annual ALL-MEDIA BBQ & MIXER featuring the participation of seven (count-em:7) of OC's professional media associations including MCAI; OCMMA; VO Peeps; OC ScreenWriters; OC Media Alliance; OC Indy Filmmakers; and the OC Joomla Meetup Group (web developers). You don't have to be a member of any of these groups to join in the fun and networking! Just RSVP at:

and Pay online (so we have enough food) and show up with plenty of Business Cards! That's right, you can actually do business with a hot dog or burger in your hand! We'll show you how! Food will be fresh off the grill and conversation will be equally tasty! Catch up with old friends and meet new ones who may become your next collaborator or client!

This years BBQ will be held at the sound stages of the Buddy Group in Irvine, known as "The Dot Lot" and managed by Burnie's Grip and Lighting  It is sponsored by www.RoundTable.Media

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Next Meeting May 25th 2016

The DigiMedia Dude Explains How The DJI Osmo Camera Can Change Your Business!

Just back from NAB, Marcelo Lewin, the Digi-Media Dude will show you the ins and outs of the hottest new tool for filmmakers - The low-priced (aprox $600) 4K handheld, DJI Osmo! While the price makes it seem like a consumer product, this is a sophisticated professional tool with details you really need to know about.  Marcelo will share how he used it to cover the NAB show for 2 days! The Digi-Media Dude will also talk about workflow and offer details about settings, lighting, audio, accessories, remote wi-fi operation and more-- including the 3-axis gimbal rig for stabilized shooting. Thenhe'll show you how to export, edit in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and publish to YouTube. -- You'll find it all important stuff. You can check out the Digi-Media Dude's full NAB online coverage at:   Be sure to join the LA/OC chapter of MCAI for this special event on Wednesday evening May 25th.


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Next Meeting: SECRETS OF AUDIO POST! April 13, 2016

Don't miss MCA-I's meeting on Wednesday, April 13th when we present 2 of OC's top audio engineers sharing their secrets!

Working on TV shows, films, commercials and video,Tim Keenan of Creative Media Recording (Left) and Rick Sherman of Sherman Sound Suite (Right) are masters of sound!

Everything from sweetening to Sfx and music, mixing, editing and voice-over is on the table. Did we mention noise reduction and ADR? Bring your EQ questions and we can talk processing too! Great stories, great demos and great people await you at the OC Sound Stage  on April 13th! Don't Miss it! Come early for networking and light food. PLEASE RSVP at MCAI's Meetup Site so we know how much food to get!

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FREE WorkFlow Workshop March 2, 2016

PerfecPictures + Easy Edit + Secure Storage

The LA/OC Chapter of MCA-I and RoundTable.Media are presenting a specialKey Code Media event featuring three top industry-leading companies on the most efficient methods and tools for top quality media workflow. Panasonic, Adobe and Quantum will have their experts offering advice and recommendations to attending professionals on every level of sophistication. MC for the event will be everyone's favorite tech guy, Michael Kammes, the creator founder of independent web series, 5 Things. Sign up for this event HERE

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2015 Holiday Party Was A Blast!


For what some declared our 8th year, (who's counting?) the professional media organizations of Orange County got together to celebrate the year end and offer good tidings of peace and love--with many toasts to future succes for all thrown in! 

The crowd was almost at capacity for the back room of Avila's El Ranchito in Old Town Orange and everyone was in a holiday mood.

Those who arrived early had only one block to walk to see the City of Orange's tree lighting and other festivities, highlighted by a fabulous performance from the Orange Community Master Chorale. We gathered in the old church that is Avila's for dinner, camaraderie, fun and doorprizes —and no one walked away dissapointed

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Awards Given at 2015 Holiday Party

It was a perfect gathering to honor those who have contributed to the OC Media Community in 2015: representitives of more than 5 different organizations were there. The festive atmosphere included Shining Star Awards to outstanding members of MCA-i for their service to the community and special Media Community Leadership Awards to those who run OC's professional media  associations.

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Annual ALL-MEDIA Holiday Party Dec 6th!

Don’t Miss the Annual ALL—MEDIA Holiday Party!

All the media Pros of OC —no matter what organization or association you may belong to (or not belong to) are gathering for our annual Holiday Bash on Sunday, December 6th at 6:30 PM. You need to be there! It’s a great time to renew old acquaintances and make new friends!

Location is the fun spot, Avila’s El Ranchito in Orange, just off the circle 

Spouses and Friends Welcome!!

But FIrst, you have to RSVP at the MCAI Meetup site and Pay for Dinner!

It’s $25 per person for more food and fun than you can handle!
Includes non-alcoholic beverages-- Cash Bar / corkage fee $7

Avila’s El Ranchito (Formerly PJ's Abbey)
182 S. Orange St. (in an old church)
Orange CA 92866

Nov 4th All About DRONES!

They're the hottest production tool and very controversial. Will Drones be too closely regulated for media use in the near future? What do you need to know about drones to use one effectively—and safely? Find out on Nov. 4th as MCA-i presents the Digimedia Dude himself, Marcelo Lewin.

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Oct '15 MCA-i Meeting Review

It was a small but active crowd at the Digital media Center for our Producer-Performer Roundtable. As promised, it was an interactive discussion between producers and performers coming from different areas of the media. 

The crowd was pretty evenly split between management and talent and we even had a couple of cross-overs who make a living in both job categories. The Panel, made up of Anne Ganguzza, founder and president of VO Peeps; producer Art Kirsch, of SoCal Showbiz; and Brian Page a stage director/sound designer who also is an actor, contributed quiite a bit and kept everyone involved. The topics varied widely.

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New JOOMLA Group Meets Oct. 28th

Accelerating Your Joomla Website!

The new meet-up group for anyone using JOOMLA on their website is calling for a 4th Wednesday get-together on Oct 28th. It's at a new Starbucks in Lake Forest and we're limited to 10 people so organizer, Grace McKay, is holding a meet at 7AM and another at 6:30PM. The topic is Sharing tricks for a fast, responsive webiste. The person with the fastest Site gets free coffee and pastry. Grace is currently building www.Roundtable.Media and trying every trick she knows to make this deep, function-filled site move quickly. She's learned a lot worth sharing and would love to get more great tips. If you work with Joomla you will enjoy this meet-up—and enjoy meeting other users.

We need you to RSVP at

NEXT MEETING: October 21st

SAVE THE DATE! Producer-Performer Roundtable!

LA/OC Chapter of MCA-i is pulling together a Producers-Performers Roundtable discussion. It's an open forum to discuss anythig relating to performers on one hand and production on the other. One of our Panelists is Anne Ganguzza,founder of the worlldwide VO Peeps and a member of MCA-i. The evening will be moderated by actor-director Brian Page and our producer panelist will be announced shortly. But it's really all about YOU. What do we have to discuss? How about fair rates, rehearsals, agents, unions, casting, OC opportunities, Ad agencies, hyohenates, divas, directors and slave-drivers, promoting yourself online and everywhere and more...but what is it YOU want to talk about? Expect an evening of interactive, honest discussion. Bring your friends as well as headshots and resumes. You never know who you'll meet.

So mark your calendar now! Join us at Santa Ana College's Digital Media Center on Wednesday evening Oct 21st, Doors open at 6:15 for networking over light food and refreshments. MCA-i members are FREE and all others pay $10 at the door. PLEASE RSVP so we have enough food. It ain't fancy but we hate to run out!

RSVP at MCAi's Meetup  Group:


Sept '15 MCA-I Meeting Review

Acting Demo & Tips; Casting Director's Advice; Behind the Scenes with 'Wild Kingdom' New Host — Combine for Very Special Evening

Casting Director Wayne Morse and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Host Stephanie Arne shared words of wit and wisdom with a full house at Studio Shanks Productions in Aliso Viejo for the September meeting of MCA-i's LA/OC Chapter.  The two featured speakers detailed their experiences in the wilds of Hollywood casting and in the world of wildlife, respectively.

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MCA-I Monthly Meeting Wednesday September 16th, 2015

Casting & Auditioning Tips


The right performer can make or break a production. That's as true for a drama or comedy as it is for a marketing or training video. Whichever side of the camera you work on, you will want to join us on Sept 16th. Our Host, Patricia Shanks—who knows a thing or two about acting and casting—has lined up noted casting director, Wayne Morse, and the talented new host of the iconic TV Series, Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Stephanie Arne. They'll be sharing real-world experiences and tips for finding the right performer—and being the right performer at the right time!
RSVP NOW at MCA-I's MeetUp site:

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Next Meeting SEPTEMBER 16 2015: CASTING

We're preparing a great MCA-i Meeting for September. It's all about Casting and Auditioning. Whether you are a producer, director, performer or writer you will want to join us on Sept 16th. Our Host, Patricia Shanks—who knows a thing or two about acting and casting—has lined up a noted casting director and a hot young performer who will be joining us direct from her recent shoot in Costa Rica! You'll meet some talented people and get perspcetives and practical tips on the process--no matter what side of the camera you're on!

SAVE THE DATE: Wed Evening September 16th 6:30 PM

Location : Studio Shanks in Laguna Niguel

5 Important Tips To Look Professional On Your Web Cam

I was on a video conference call the other day—altogether eight working professionals—and I noticed the wide variety of picture quality, from below average to just awful. So much business is done on Skype or Zoom and other video situations using our built-in computer cameras that it's worth talking about. It's important to know how to use these tools to look good, to look professional. So here are some useful tips.

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MCA-I MEETING RECAP: TherapyCable May 2015

We were invited guests to a taping at the new Orange County streaming video service, TherapyCable where we were introduced to not only their programming concept but a discussion of their low-budget production techniques, sponsor format and business model. It was a unique opportunity for media professionals to go inside the workings of a new media enterprise.

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Next Meeting May 20, 2015

Join Us as MCA-I Visits New OC-Based Program Service, TherapyCable!

The future of media is happening now in OC! Broadcast was challenged by Cable and Cable networks transformed the media landscape. Now, streaming channels of content mean our professional world is changing again! Don't miss the revolution! Join MCA-I at our May 20th meeting at TherapyCable! It may be your future! Seating is limited. RSVP NOW at:

You will get a personal introduction to the concept and production making this new venture a model for future media. We'll watch the recording of one of the channel's most popular series, Circle of Insight, and meet host Dr. Carlos Vasquez who will answer questions about TherapyCable. MCA-I Member, Manny Pacheco, who hosts his own TherapyCable show, Forgotten Hollywood, will also answer questions. Find out why they started, how they keep going, who their sponsors are and if you can get a show on TherapyCable!

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MCA-i PRESENTS: All-Media BBQ July 8th 2015

Don't Miss The Annual Summer Networking Feast!

Our annual All-Media BBQ is only a week away, on Wednesday evening July 8th. It's one of the most popular events of the year. As usual it will be held on the back lot of the famous Orange County Sound Stage in Irvine — and everyone who works in any area of Media is invited! You can count on good food and great conversation. It's a fun get-together with friends and colleagues and a great way to meet new collaborators and clients!

RSVP HERE  So We Know How Much Food to Buy! NO PREPAY! Just show up and pay $15 at the door. Bring a friend or two and come hungry!

Orange County Sound Stage (714) 598-6557
17518 Von Karman Ave, Irvine. Just off Main Street

Coming May 20th 2015

A Special LIVE MCA-i Event at a New Program Channel!

With streaming technology new media media entrepreneurs are creating 24 hour programming networks of their own choosing. Don't miss this special inside introduction to a very new and innovative program systen based in the heart of Orange County! You'll find out what they do, how they started, who they reach and maybe find you can get a show on theri channel! Save the date Wednesday May 20th in the evening from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Subscribe to our email newsletter to get the details first!

Next MCA-I Meeting April 29th 2015

Behind The Camera of Major Hollywood Features with Greg Irwin

Already in pre-production for the new feature film, 'Steve Jobs,' cinematographer Greg Irwin has worked the 'A' camera as 1st AC --head of the camera department--on over 50 major motion pictures. He has just finished 'GeoStorm' and 'Terminator Genisys' due out next year. Catch him at this special MCA-I event while he's in between assignments. Greg Irwin has many great tales to tell—insider stories about actors, directors, crew and more, as well as comments on trends and tips on how to make it behind the camera in the tough no-nonsense film business. Pre-register online at OC New Media Meetup Group

Read more ...


You can expect to come away with new tools, insights, and more efficient actions to take, which will have a positive impact on your success! The $20 fee includes lunch, parking, great doorprizes and important speakers.

Register on-line now CLICK HERE


MCA-i and OCMMA are co-hosting this very special event with the support of other OC media groups. Whether you are a freelancer, have your own company or have a 'permanent' job, you won't want to miss this!

Read more ...

SPECIAL EVENT Jan 29, 2015

Media Alliance of OC Presents:

Growing the Orange County Media Industry in 2015

Panel Discussion/Networking event

You will want to join us Thursday night at the beautiful Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach as the Media Alliance of Orange County (MAOC) presents a networking event and panel discussion on the outlook and strategies for increasing business for the Orange County media industry. The evening will explore not only how the media production/post-production industry in Orange County can increase the amount of business, but also new opportunities for alternative types of business. Hear firsthand from OC media industry leaders, OC advertising agency representatives, producers and more, regarding building a more positive, lucrative future for our industry.

 For Tix: go to the Media Alliance website

Read more ...

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