Premiums Work!

Everyone likes free stuff. Not long ago I got a nice shoulder tote from the OC Great Park. It was filled with literature about renting their facilities. At DV Expo I got a personal size bottle of hand sanitizer with attached key ring from! Of course their logo was all over it.

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How To Write a Press Release, Part 1

Press releases mean free publicity which can mean increased business. But, to be effective they must be published! That's one of the many benefits of MCAI—the ability to publish press releases on both the chapter and national websites. Here, sales and marketing expert, Geoffrey James offers 5 Rules to make your press release work as a sales tool.

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Choosing the Company Spokesperson Part 8

Your Spokesperson Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

As I’ve mentioned already, your spokesperson does not have to be perfect—even if they are the Big Boss. Don’t ignore their personality or obvious physical traits. Here’s some examples of less-than-perfect bosses who were perfect spokespeople.

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Value Of A Writer

What do writers do? They bring to life ideas, concepts, characters and emotions. How do they do it? To learn practical tips, techniques and more join us for our October meeting. That's when successful screenwriter and founder of the OC ScreenWriters Association, Mark Sevi, brings his creative cohort to MCAI.

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What's This Networking Thing?

By Mark Alexander

In our recent MCA-I chapter survey of media professionals we asked you what the most important benefits you hoped to get through your association with this organization were.  It shouldn’t be too surprising that the vast majority—86%— said networking. But what is this networking thing anyway?

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How To Write A Good Story

Whether your intention is to sell, educate or entertain, a good story is an important factor in accomplishing your media goals. Freelance writer, Adam Mezei, offers advice on some basic elements in the following article.

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Soundproof Your Home Studio

When VO Artist, Anne Ganguzza, moved to Orange County two years ago she had to adapt her home for audio recording. That led to building a professional sound booth from scratch. Nothing fancy, but great acoustics. Here’s how you can do it too.

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MCAI's First 3 'Marketing Minutes'

 Back in May, as part of our mission to ‘Help Each Other In Business,’ MCAI members created the MCAI Marketing Minute, adding it to our monthly meeting. Here are the first three. (There will be more) Enjoy these simple but valuable tips...and let us know if you've got a 'Marketing Minute' to share!

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Choosing the Company Spokesperson Part 7

Calling On The Top Gun

We’ve been discussing the use of a corporate employee as the company spokesperson for marketing, advertising and corporate communications. These final installments are about using the boss, the capo di tutti capi, the TOP GUN.

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So You Wanna Be A Filmmaker? Part Deux

By Ron Dawson

A couple of months ago, in part 1 of this story, I talked about how an aspiring filmmaker can be both financially and artistically fulfilled pursuing a career as a wedding and event filmmaker. Today I’d like to explore two options you can take in that direction.

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Choosing the Company Spokesperson Part 6

Using a Group of Employees as Your Spokesperson:

Sometimes your best corporate ‘spokesperson’ is not one but a group of people. The impact of having a number of people deliver the same message can bring great credibility to the message. It can work a number of ways.

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20 Essential SEO Tips for Small Business

By Nick Longo

Matt Cutts, Google’s most visible search engine optimization guru, has said there are more than 200 variables in the Google algorithm. Don’t expect to find an explanation of all 200 here — because I don’t know them. (That’s why Google is full of Ph.Ds.) But I have helped a number of Websites get to the No. 1 search result. How? By following simple rules.

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A Self-Publishing Tip

I really got a lot out of MCAI's MediaProCamp. I also enjoyed leading the roundtable discussion on self-publishing my book. It seems we all have a book in us waiting to get out! Since there was so much interest in this I wanted to follow up with this tip...

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Stay Client-Focused!

In response to MCAi's recent survey of media professionals about what kinds of things will help their business, here is an interesting article that gives a clear example of why and how to keep your sales and marketing efforts client focused!

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New Media Is Important

How important is the new media to you? To your business? Are you harnessing its potential for your benefit? There is a great article from our friend, Gary Lycan, which you need to read.

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Choosing the Company Spokesperson Part 5

The Boss Is Not Always Right

Previously I discussed When, Why and How to use an employee as an on-camera spokesperson as well as some of the natural qualities they would ideally possess. Now let's talk about who. You may be surprised to hear that the right person within your organization to be your spokesperson is not always the boss...

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Personal Branding Advice

For many media professionals and content creators marketing our business comes down to marketing ourselves. It's difficult to think of yourself as a product but that's what Personal Branding is about. We found two interesting articles with some really good advice about branding yourself.

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